Ricardo y Catalina at Hussong’s Cantina

Just back from a little cruise to Ensenada over Thanksgiving weekend, and we had a blast! We danced and sang on the ship, on the party bus, and at Hussong’s Cantina, which was our favorite stop on the tour.

The downside of a Thanksgiving cruise is it seems you play a little catch-up in getting ready for Christmas. So, we’ve been scrambling a bit, decorating our house, getting ready for Christmas, and planning next year’s trip to WDW. After Hussong’s, we’re thinking we’re gonna have to return to the tequila bar in San Angel in the Mexico pavilion at Epcot.

We usually buy a Disneyland calendar but this year we ordered a Disney World calendar instead. Wouldn’t you know it? They sent us a Disneyland calendar by mistake. Guess they thought if you live in Las Vegas, you want a Disneyland calendar. So Rich called them and they sent a WDW calendar, and now we have both. Works for me!

Speaking of work, work is always behind when you return from a trip, right? And, as a freelancer, it seems I’m the busiest around the holidays. But once I catch up, I’ll start our cruise report.

In the meantime, here’s a little peek into our fun at Hussong’s:

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