The Ricardo y Catalina Bar Hopping/Dancing in Mexico Pre Trip Report

Bar Hopping Tour in Ensenada - M jpgIt’s Salsa time! I love to dance so on the days I’m not out walking I’m doing a Zumba class. Also, it’s time to refresh my Salsa moves before our next cruise to Mexico. We’ve signed up for the bar hopping excursion, which will include some dancing. Such fun. Love, love, love Mexico. The place, the people, the dance, the food, the drink, the music… did I say the people?

Yes, my first Mexican “boyfriend” was in the third grade. His name was Philip something. He called me “Mrs. Something.” lol!

In the sixth grade, my square dancing partner was Guillermo (William) – in high school, he went by “Willie.”

My next Mexican “friend” Tom and I were classmates at that blessed year at Los Amigos. When my family moved to Oregon, we began to write to each other and I saw him a few times – he drove up to Oregon – I drove down to SoCal. He addressed his letters “To Kitten” and signed them “Love TomKat.” They made my mother very nervous. 🙂

We’d planned to meet in San Francisco but he broke it off because he was becoming exclusive with somebody. I later saw him stag in the “35th High School Reunion” video but by then I was married – the first time around.

In my twenties, my Mexican friend Ray used to take me out dancing. He was an excellent dancer and taught me a few moves. What a blast we had!

Truth be told, back in the day, my mother was afraid I’d marry a Mexican (no problem for me) and the first time she saw a picture of Rich, she thought he was Mexican – lol! So now I call him Ricardo and he calls me Catalina and we dance and get to Mexico as often as we can. And when we’re at Disney World, the Mexico Pavilion in Epcot is our favorite place to hang out.

If we don’t retire in Florida, we might just retire in Mexico – a lot of expats are doing it.

(Btw, my short stories Dear Kitten and Cougars in Cabo and my novella Raining Men were inspired by those days.)

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