Rich ran down to the IC and brought back 2 coffees and a couple of donuts, which we enjoyed out on balcony before getting ready to disembark.

donutsBreakfast before Disembarkation

Disembarkation wasn’t nearly as smooth as embarkation. Guess it has to do with over 3000 passengers trying to get off the ship at once. We were given walkoff #19, meaning we couldn’t walk off with our luggage until the 19th group was announced. That would not do for us – no, not at all. We had a 4-hour drive ahead of us and we wanted to get going as soon as possible. I’m sure we were not alone. 🙂

We went to the theater where group #1 was meeting but it became very clear we would have to have our official group number noted on a piece of paper and could only disembark then. So Rich went to the Purser’s office and eventually talked him into allowing us to join group #4. So we headed for the Explorer’s Lounge where that group was meeting. After a short wait, we walked off, went through customs, retrieved our car and began the drive home.

Embarkation was a lot better in San Pedro than Long Beach but disembarkation was far worse. The Carnival ships we’ve been on are much smaller and not nearly as many passengers. There are benefits to sailing on a smaller ship.

After a brief traffic delay, we were home about 4 hours later, greeted our kitties, unpacked, and prepared for jumping into another work week. A couple of days later, we booked another cruise – this time back on Carnival for a 3-night to, you guess it, Ensenada. We can’t wait!

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