Anniversary on the Love Boat, Day 2, Part 1: Isaac in Catalina

This cruise was a celebration of several things: the 63rd anniversary of my parents Mexican marriage, the 50th Anniversary of Princess Cruises, and my first trip back to Catalina Island, 35 years later.

catalina-express-birthdayCatalina Island is a tender port but it has to be better than my first trip to Catalina. I was so sick on that boat, I worried I wouldn’t be able to cruise at all. People reassured me that cruising was a totally different experience. And I discovered that for myself a couple of years later. Anyway, I had no plans to return to Catalina unless I helicoptered over. So a cruise was a great way to go.

But having experienced Catalina before, we decided the best thing to do was to stay on the ship and live like celebrities sailing over on their yacht.

We browsed the buffet for some breakfast items at around 7 a.m. , but were not that impressed with the buffet the way we’d been back in ’02. So then we walked the Promenade, snapped some pics, and made our way to the Atrium and listened to some music.

Then we checked out the International Cafe and purchased 2 coffees and a couple of donuts (which are free), sat down and ate, and then brought the rest of our coffee back to our stateroom. We sat out on the balcony and attracted a friend.

donutsInternational Cafe Breakfast

Breakfast friend on our Balcony at Catalina Island

We took advantage of the mega crowds being off the ship and we enjoyed the aft pool all by ourselves from about 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. No kidding! It was spectacular!! We had a spectacular view of the island and we slurped down the drink of the day, which was an Isaac, which Isaac the bartender created for the 50th Anniversary. It was delish!!! And it put us in a happy, happy mood!

aftpoolAdults Only Aft Pool

isaacThe “Isaac” (See video on Youtube)

Casino Avalon Casino

After our pool and drink time, we decided it was time to grab some lunch so we headed over to the Trident Grill poolside. I snagged a table and Rich brought back a couple of burgers and fries. A server came by to take our drink order: 2 ice teas.

Then it was naptime until our dinner reservation at Sabatinis at 6:30 p.m. Princess had sent us an email listing the dress code for each night of the cruise and all evenings were listed as “Smart Casual.” So we packed accordingly. Imagine our surprise when we got onboard and this night was listed as “Dress to Impress” night with formal portraits. We soon learned not to believe what Princess put in writing – the actual would be different throughout the cruise.

Btw, the other complaint we had was our cabin steward. From the moment we arrived, he wanted to take control, telling us how it was going to be. Well, after 30 years of cruising, I know it’s been the rule that the passengers make requests of their cabin steward, such as ice twice a day, and they are happy to comply. In our case, he seemed to resent requests. The printed information said to ask your Cabin Steward for robes and he seemed put out to deliver them. The truth is, we are very easy to please and do not make unnecessary demands from anybody.

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