The Skipper Daily: Adventures of a Well-Traveled, Pampered, and Beloved Cat

We’ve had 9 interstate moves with 3 cats and Skipper has participated in 8 of them. When we first moved to Las Vegas, I was inspired to write a picture book about Skipper’s neighborhood adventures (in mind only), and I called it Scooter’s Big Adventure.

Similar to Geppetto longing for Pinocchio to become a “real boy,” we’ve felt something similar about Skipper – he is a real boy, isn’t he? He certainly runs this house with his strict schedule. So now it’s been documented in the Skipper Daily, similar to a cruise ship daily. Hope you’ll get a kick out of this one.

Credit goes to Rich, inspired by Skipper, and a comment I made yesterday that Skipper was eating second seating for lunch.

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