Summer of 2015: Birthdays, Beaches, and a Blast to the Past

beachkathyhatsmWe just returned from celebrating my birthday in SoCal, hanging out at the beach, Disneyland Resort, my old neighborhood, and catching up with family. We posted a few “live” pics, and we hope to start the trip report soon.

We had a blast, but it reminded me of how much I miss living near the beach. After splashing around in the water, I totally did not want to leave the beach and told Rich, “We have to move closer to the beach!”

Reading some older posts, I ran across this one and because Florida is always on our mind somewhere, I thought it would be fun to post an excerpt from that post and to think about what we wrote here almost 3 years ago right before we left Florida the second time around.

August, 2012

This morning was another one of those glorious Florida mornings and as I walked the neighborhood full of those Florida homes I love so much, I realized I may cry when the long hauler pulls up. The only other time I’ve done that was when we left Oregon in the first place. I was sitting out on our back deck when I saw the truck and I was surprised by the tears that flowed. I didn’t want to give up our first house where we’d started our new little kitty family. (Sad to return without the Budster!)

This time I have to give up Florida. And while it’s been difficult living here this time around, I do love it. As I strolled the neighborhood, I also realized that Florida represents my chance to relive my SoCal childhood as an adult. Disney, beaches, and affordable single-family, single-story homes with pools. That’s the way it was back in the ’60s when we lived in Orange County, California. Everybody I know who grew up there bemoans the fact that it’s no longer like that. And we all try to find our new SoCal. Florida was my new SoCal. Unfortunately, my childhood friends, schools, and family were missing from the Florida scene.

I will definitely miss opportunities to drop in on Disney, swim in the warm ocean, and meet up with new Disney friends when they’re in town. This was a brutal decision to make and many times, I didn’t think we’d make this choice. I thought maybe this time Florida would win.

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