Summer of 2015: Vegas Pools and Hot Tubs

Our new hot tub is scheduled to be delivered today. Yay! The rest of the backyard is ready – chaise lounges with pads, outdoor wine glasses, and even a small beach ball Rich got from the Tampa Bay Visitor Fair to Allegiant Airlines – was that a surprise!

Then our summer vacation can really begin.

For some reason, I got this idea that I wanted to relive my summers from the ’80s in my Bay Area condo. Water is an important piece to that because my condo complex had a pool and hot tub (and tennis court – I’m terrible at tennis).

The condo was brand new when I moved in and the pool was heated by solar panels. Later, the HOA added an enclosure to keep the heat in. It’s funny to look at a pic of it now because I remember it before the cover.


My San Bruno Condo from 1980-1990

And then there were all those trips to Vegas where the pool was the main event, spilling into the ’90s and my life with Rich.


Mirage pool (our first trip to Vegas together)

Before that, though, I remember trips to the desert with my grandmother and her husband, visiting some of their friends. And one friend, in particular, had a rather rustic pool in their back yard and there was something special about the contrast of the dry, desert air and the water.


Nothing like water in the hot, dry desert

The first year we lived in Vegas, we had the backyard landscaped with plants, trees, desert rock, and plans for a hot tub, fire pit, and patio with cover that was approved by the HOA Board.

But not long after that, we started thinking about moving back to Florida and so we put off the hot tub and cover part. Now that we’re back, it’s time to make the most of our backyard (believe it or not, larger than most in Vegas) and water is an important part of backyard joy.

Of course, earlier, we’d flirted with putting in a pool but after seeing the neighbors’ pool problems and the house go on the market as a short sale, well, we were put off by that huge expense. Besides, we mostly soak anyway. A hot tub will serve us just fine, we think.

Does this mean we won’t move to Florida again? Not at all. It’s still possible that sometime, perhaps around my official retirement age, we’ll move back. Or we could wait until Rich’s retirement, although I may be a bit too old for that big of a move. But anything is possible.

In the meantime, I plan on spending my summer vacation in the backyard enjoying the water, the lounge chair, a paperback book, some music, and dreams of trips to the beach and Disney. Ah, yes, I may be older now but some things haven’t changed all that much since the 1980s.

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