Summer of 2015: Sunset Park

Our last outing in Catching up with the San Francisco Bay Area was Lake Elizabeth in the Good-bye Tour. When I was newly-single in the early ’90s, I lived in an apartment across the street from Lake Elizabeth (part of Central Park in Fremont, CA). After work, especially in the summer, I’d walk the 2-mile walk around the lake just before dusk so I’d see a marvelous sunset just before crossing the street to my apartment.

I sometimes walked the lake with friends; I often walked it alone. I wore my red shorts and I was flattered when younger men hit on me. I’d been married for so long, I’d forgotten what that felt like. It was a time of introspection and dreaming, of figuring out what I wanted next. Feeling it was tumultuous at the time, when I look back, I see that it was a very special time.

This is where I lived when Rich and I got together. I’d sneak over to the “Christian” book section in Barnes & Noble when I was in the process of leaving the JWs. Rich would drive across the Bay on the San Mateo Bridge to see me and we’d walk the path around the lake together. We’d talked about living here when we got married but I didn’t want my JW friends to harass me about leaving them. I wanted a clean break so I ended up moving into his apartment on Redwood Shores when we got married.

Fremont was an important part of our story, so it was especially nostalgic to walk Lake Elizabeth during our year in Hotel California. And as difficult as that year was, I’m so happy we got to revisit our favorite places in the Bay Area.

And now that we’re back in Las Vegas, we’ve returned to Sunset Park with a path around a lake very similar to Lake Elizabeth. It seems even more special having recently walked around Lake Elizabeth. The trail is only half as long as Lake Elizabeth so we walked it twice for a total of 2 miles. It’s an easy walk and one we’ll return to over the summer.

parkCentral Park, Fremont

SunsetParkSunset Park, Las Vegas

elizabethLake Elizabeth, Fremont

SPLakeSunset Park Lake, Las Vegas

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