Summer of 2015: Disneyland’s 60th Birthday Celebration

Mouse Steps and other Disney video sites have been uploading videos from Disneyland’s 60th Birthday celebration since the late May kickoff. Our question is, will my birthday dinner at Napa Rose satisfy that need to celebrate the 60th or will we return to Disneyland for a park visit in October?

We’d hoped to make a trip to Disney World for Food & Wine this year, but this doesn’t look likely. We’ll hope to do that next year instead. So in spite of all of my pronouncements about the high cost of Disney and all the changes, well, Disney is family and I can’t stay away forever.

For one thing, Rich reread our first trip to WDW together back in 1999 over coffee this morning. This brought back all kinds of nostalgic feelings – for trips to WDW – for moves to Florida. So, in celebration of this whole “blast to the past” summer celebration mood I’m in, along with Disneyland’s 60th, well, I’m going to be sharing memories of the Disney influence in my life.

Let’s start off with this fabulous Disneyland Forever Main Street Fireworks show.

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