Summer of 2015 Kickoff: Miracle on the Mexican Riviera, Day 6: Cabo San Lucas

Thursday, May 21, Day 6: Cabo

We had coffee and a continental breakfast delivered to our stateroom sometime after six a.m. We showered and dressed and arrived in the theatre to await our escort to the tenders at 7:15 a.m. We tendered and waited on the port dock until 8 a.m. when our excursion guide appeared. We noticed there were more military present on the dock, complete with drug-sniffing dogs.

We were divided up into minivan taxis, which then drove us through town and on to Casa Dorado Beach Resort. Our tour guide gave us a tour of the resort grounds and each family given a key to a suite to relax in. We located a couple of chaises by the pool, thinking we’d go down to the beach when it warmed up. We splashed around a bit in the pool but it was a bit chilly. We decided the beach was where we wanted to be and we wanted to snag a couple of chaises before they were all gone.

Casa Dorada Los Cabos beach-clubCasa Dorada Beach, Cabo San Lucas

Cabo is like desert on an ocean – cooler and dryer than PV. But it was very nice out and we enjoyed swimming in the ocean tremendously – it was a blast!! We saw a yacht that we later learned belonged to Tiger Woods. I mean, really? Is he following us? First, he lives in Windermere, FL when we do and now he shows up in Cabo? lol!

IMG_0197Tiger Woods’ yacht

Mexican beaches are open to the public and I recalled vendors hawking their wares in front of my resort when I stayed in PV years ago. I’d warned Rich about them, but he decided it was working in his favor – the shopping came to him instead of having to track it down. The vendors were far more diverse in Cabo than back in the day in PV when it seemed they were only selling watches. So Rich found a Cabo t-shirt he liked, showed it to me in the water, and I gave him the thumbs up. 🙂

We then rinsed and dried off to put our street clothes back on for lunch. A buffet Mexican lunch in the resort restaurant was included and we ate inside. It was just okay – not particularly fun. In fact, Mexican woman seemed to be conducting job interviews or meetings or something all around us – not exactly a touristy vibe. I kinda wished we were eating at the little shack right there on the beach.

We tried an assortment of food, such as fish, beef, rice, guacamole, and a couple of frozen margaritas. We took another dip in the pool and then relaxed in the chaise as we dried off until time to meet our group for the taxi ride back to the port to catch a tender back to the ship.

Once onboard the ship, we stopped by Swirls and made ourselves a couple of ice cream cones. Then we went back to our cabin for a rest and a nap at about 1 p.m. We were by 3:30 p.m. for the sailaway from our balcony.

At 5 p.m. we decided we’d check out Karaoke. For one thing, it seemed to be the only entertainment that early. We’d missed shows and the piano bars because everything started too late for us. We’re early birds now. We found a couple of seats in the theatre and Rich noticed a couple in front of us drinking a scotch for him and champagne for her so he ordered the same for us. The Karaoke was more endurable with a drink in hand. 🙂


Some of the participants were very good but this one woman was unbelievably horrid! And she kept getting up there singing off key with a stupid grin on her face. Wonder how much she’d had to drink? My vocal coach says karaoke is for amateurs – if you’re serious about singing, don’t do karaoke.

After we finished our drinks, we returned to our cabin to get dressed for the second “Elegant” night. Without any dining ressies, we’d have to face some sort of wait, for sure, but we weren’t quite prepared for 30 minutes. We weren’t in the mood for that (we’re not big fans of the Main Dining Room on cruise ships anyway, so we headed to “Good Eats” for a steak and baked potato, etc., and the potato was actually better than at Nick & Nora’s. We skipped dessert – really not good at all on Carnival.

We tried walking the promenade after dinner but it was cold and windy (52 mph) and we were traveling 21 knots – guess we had to haul out of there to get to Long Beach on time.

We watched the second night of the Bachelorette and then Jimmy Kimmel’s take on it on his show with guest George Clooney. We’re really enjoying having access to real TV onboard ship.

It had been a long day and we’d had a blast in Cabo but we were tired and the ship rocked us to sleep for another night. Ah……

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