Summer of 2015 Kickoff: Miracle on the Mexican Riviera, Day 3: Sea Day Brunch

Monday, May 18, Day 3 (Brunch)

We had been looking forward to Sea Day Brunch so we could try out the dining room for the first time, and the menu we had seen beforehand looked intriguing. We were seated on the main floor of the dining room near the back with a nice view of the dining room, including the prominent grape theme.

IMG_0157Bacchus Dining Room

Soon after we were seated, our server came by to pour us coffee and bring us a bread basket.


The bar server quickly arrived to take our drink order. We decided to each order what is, to us, the traditional brunch beverage — the Bloody Mary.

The drinks were perfectly made and were the perfect complement to the brunch.

IMG_0156Bloody Mary

Rich: Bagel Breakfast, with cream cheese and smoked salmon

Kathy: Eggs Benedict, salmon, hollandaise sauce, and zesty home fries


Eggs Benedict

Kathy: Corned-Beef Hash, Cheddar Grits
Rich: Corned-Beef Hash

IMG_0160Corned-Beef Hash & Cheddar Grits

Rich: Funnest French Toast, crusted with Fruit Loops

IMG_0158Funnest French Toast


All of the servers around us seemed confused about where to deliver all the food they brought out. They eventually figured it out, and we were served our food.

My french toast was interesting and fun. It was the one nod to the “Seuss at Sea” brunch. I wanted to try something unique, and that it was. The toast itself was fine, but the Fruit Loops kinda threw it for a loop. Fun, but I wouldn’t order it again. I think Mouse Steps said this was the weirdest part of the “Seuss at Sea” Brunch.

I very much enjoyed the corned-beef hash. I never eat this at home, so it’s nice to get it in a restaurant or on a cruise now and then.

The bagel and cream cheese was a nice accompaniment, but what really made it sing was the fresh smoked salmon. Delightful!

Kathy had the eggs benedict with salmon that was delicious. She was especially pleased with the salmon. She too enjoyed the rare treat of the corned-beef hash. The cheddar grits were way over the top with melted cheddar, so much so that we couldn’t find the grits.

Overall, our Sea Day Brunch was a wonderful experience. It was nice to experience the dining room for the first time. We rather liked the grape cluster decor because it made us think of wine. Always a good thing.

The food, except for maybe the french toast and the grits, was very tasty, and the Bloody Marys were absolute perfection. Another highlight of our cruise. In fact, it was so good, we came back later in the cruise to experience it again.

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