Moving and Traveling and Cruising

We’re definitely looking forward to our upcoming cruise. After all, we’re water lovers living in the desert – yikes! Living in the desert definitely calls for more travel than we’d like.

One of the benefits of living in Florida was that we had easy access to our 3 favorite things: beaches, Disney, and cruising – no flights and no long trips if we preferred. At least, we’re cruising to Mexico so we won’t need to get on a plane.

But getting ready for even the smallest trip is such a pain – we really don’t like it. Cleaning the house for the pet sitter, getting the clothes ready, packing, haircuts, shopping, mani/pedis. I always seem to leave these for the last minute.

I see a lot of people on Facebook traveling – some never seem to stay home. I used to be that person. In fact, I traveled a lot from my mid-twenties through mid-forties while living in the San Francisco Bay Area. Then we began moving. Some people only met us during this moving era so they might think that’s all we do. 🙂

But it all began on one of our trips. We sat out by the pool with a drink in hand and overheard another couple say, “I want to live here.” And then we started asking ourselves if we wanted to live in each new place we visited. Yeah, we’ll blame it on them. 🙂

So moving or traveling or cruising – we must do one. Moving forward in life, as my opportunities wind down, we’re going to have to stay put a bit more. We’d better make sure we’re living in a place that gives us what we need without traveling.

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