The Cat in the Hat Trumps Mickey Mouse Pre-Trip Report, Part 1: Change in Plans


Who: Rich and Kathy
Mexican Riviera Cruise
May, 2015
Why: Need a Cruise More Than Disneyland

Instead of taking the April Disneyland trip, we booked a cruise, thanks to MouseSteps. After watching this video and that video about the “Cat in the Hat” breakfast at sea, we did some research and realized the Miracle will be undergoing a refurb (currently going on now) and will be offering both the “Cat in the Hat” breakfast and brunch at sea.

channelsideNot only is the Cat in the Hat a very important part of our childhoods (we have a copy), but we have a special relationship with the Miracle. We first saw the Miracle when we were living in Tampa Bay and hanging out at Channelside. We were sitting there sipping Margaritas when the Miracle appeared. One guy yelled, “Thar she blows” and we all got up to watch her sail into the Channel.

Then, just last faunt1all, we were having lunch on the Queen Mary in Long Beach with Rich’s aunt and noticed the Miracle was in port. Yes, she’s sailing the Mexican Riviera out of Long Beach. We knew then we had to sail her. (Pretty funny for a guy who had refused to sail Carnival and now it’s his new favorite cruise line).

It’s also rather ironic that we sailed the Paradise out of Long Beach and then Tampa. But then, we really are CaliFloridians.

So with Rich’s discount as an airline employee, we were able to get a great deal. We can always take advantage of our free stay at Huntington Beach some other time. We are in such need of a real vacation and not just a Disneyland weekend.

Besides, how could we top that fabulous Valentine’s dinner at Carthay Circle anyway? We hope to return to Disneyland or Disney World sometime this fall.

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