Life’s a Beach, Day 2, Part 1

QM_Miracle_cropToday we had plans to meet Rich’s aunt in Long Beach on the Queen Mary for lunch. We had originally chosen this location because we thought we would stay onboard and this would almost be halfway for Aunt Eillean, who lives north of Los Angeles.

But we prefer our little villa in Huntington Beach and it would keep us closer in case we could squeeze in Disneyland that night. Besides, it feels more like home. And I’d had a rather unpleasant experience on the Queen Mary years ago. The cabin was so stuffy, I had to run the shower all night long. 🙂

MiracleWe were also excited to see the Miracle, who was in port. We’d first seen the Miracle in Tampa Bay when she’d returned from serving as a hotel in Jacksonville for the Super Bowl.

Traffic wasn’t too bad and we arrived early. We walked past the ticket window thinking we wouldn’t have to buy a ticket to have lunch in the restaurant. We were excited to see the Miracle and made plans to book her for next spring (one possibility).

Then we discovered we were wrong about needing a boarding ticket to have lunch onboard and we had to backtrack to the ticket booth, which is located near the parking lot.

We worried what Aunt Eillean would do, would she know to stop and buy a ticket or would she head straight for the Queen Mary, like we had? Well, the line was long enough that we were still in line when we saw her walk by. She joined us in line so it worked out perfectly.

The ticket just to board the QM was $27, but it also included one tour so we’d be able to tour the Bob Hope exhibit after lunch.

It was so great to see Aunt Eillean – we hadn’t seen her and Uncle Charles since our wedding 18 years ago. Two years after the wedding Uncle Charles unexpectedly passed away. Rich has often been compared to Uncle Charles and Aunt Eillean confirmed that. She was pretty excited to be able to see Rich again and to catch up with us. We were sad that Uncle Charles was no longer with us, but he came alive by talking with Aunt Eillean.

Our first choice for lunch was the seafood restaurant but it was closed to the public for a private event. So we headed for the Cafe, which was probably a better choice because of the beautiful views of the Long Beach Harbor.

With so much catching up to do, we hopped from subject to subject trying to cover a lifetime of memories but it was too short.

For lunch, Rich had a Patty Melt, I had the Baja Fish Tacos, and Aunt Eillean had a shrimp salad. There were 3 fish tacos and they were huge. I gave one to Rich, I ate one and the third one I just nibbled at the fish.

After lunch, we toured the ship and then the Bob Hope exhibit, but my stomach began to hurt from lunch and we wanted to get back to our villa to rest up for Disneyland that night. So we said good-bye to Aunt Eillean with plans to get together again.

lunch(l to r) Shrimp Salad, Patty Melt, Baja Fish Tacos

Rich_EilleanAunt Eillean and Rich


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