AllEars Food & Wine Festival 2014 Overview

Sue’s mini Food & Wine Festival trip may be over, but we’re looking forward to her longer trip in November followed by a short Disney cruise. In the meantime, I noticed the AllEars video of the Food & Wine Festival – woo hoo! It kills us to not be there during Food & Wine – maybe next year for the 20th anniversary – seems like the 10th was only yesterday.

While living in the Orlando area last time, we met both Deb Koma and Deb Wills at special AllEars events and meets – that was fun! I had to laugh, though, when Deb Koma said I was “almost” a local because we were living in the North Orlando area – and here she flew in from somewhere like Maryland. Sorry, but all of Orlando is considered “local.” lol!

So, let’s get on with the video. I think I’m going to cry – I so want to be there. 🙂

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