Flu Shots and Krispy Kremes 2014

One year ago today we wrote about getting our flu shots and then Halloween Krispy Kremes in Mountain View, CA in a post called Flu Shots and Krispy Kremes. We’ve decided this is our new tradition so after our flu shots, we drove over to the Krispy Kreme store and went inside to see what this year’s offerings were.

We ended up getting a few of each, a dozen in total, and sat down and shared the pumpkin cake donut – so delish – notice one is missing in the photo.


Later we tried the pumpkin cheesecake and didn’t really love that as much. Our favorite remains the Spider – the Halloween version of our favorite creme-filled.

Yes, we were really sinful this weekend in Sin City and ate way too many donuts, but that was our big indulgence this weekend.


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