Radiator Springs – Our New Happy Place

You know how much we love DCA – even more than Disneyland park. It’s our version of Epcot, a place for soaking up atmosphere, relaxing over a glass of wine, talking, and riding or watching some of our favorite attractions. So when I saw this photo calling Radiator Springs a happy place, well I had to try it out as a header pic.

From the Bay Area (before we lived in Florida and before DCA), we only went to Disneyland once a year and only for a day or two – there wasn’t much to do beyond a day and a half. But Florida taught us to love DCA and DCA taught us to visit more often.

We especially love Cars Land but the problem for us now is that Radiator Springs looks a lot like the desert surrounding our home in Las Vegas.

RRdayRadiator Springs

BonnieSpringsBonnie Springs

DCASunset at Cars Land

Red Rock Sunset1024Sunset at Red Rock Canyon

Anxious for a change to our everyday landscape, we visit SoCal as often as we can. But hanging out in Cars Land isn’t exactly a great getaway for us – the beach is.

Still, no trip would be complete without spending some time at DCA, the GC, and Downtown Disney. Our time on our next trip will be quite limited so it’ll be interesting to see if we even step foot inside Disneyland park itself. It’s been known to happen. 🙂

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