Disneyland/Beach October Trip Revised – Plan D

IMG_1224Okay so maybe decorating our house with our Disney Halloween decorations and listening to David Wayne last night has made us realize we can’t really go to SoCal without dropping in on Disneyland, especially since we still have an AP. So we’ve decided against staying in Long Beach.

We’ll still meet Aunt Lea for lunch and tour the Bob Hope exhibit (Aunt Lea may have more memorabilia than the ship – lol!), but we’ll stay in our usual Huntington Beach place. It’s a combo of plan B with plan C, therefore, plan D. (Plan A was the GC, which is not happening.)

HB will keep us closer to Disney and we can drop in on the parks Saturday night, *if* the Downtown Disney valet will be operating. Hopefully, nothing big is going on and the parking will be available. This also allows us to stroll through Downtown Disney, soak up some atmosphere and listen to some of our favorite DD performers like David Wayne.

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