This Time Last Year

This time last year we were living in Hotel California in the Bay Area and I wrote a post called “8 Months in Feels like Home.” At that time we didn’t know how or if or when we’d get to move back to our home in Las Vegas. But at least it wasn’t feeling quite as strange at that point.

After we’d lived in a few other states, we couldn’t go back to the place that had been our home for over 20 years. It was even more crowded, more expensive, and now felt claustrophobic after enjoying the wide open spaces of the desert.

This morning I walked the neighborhood and was thrilled to be back in our Vegas neighborhood. I was reminded of our first home, a tri-level townhouse on the west side of Portland, and how we’d walk the single-family home neighborhood nearby and wonder if we’d ever live in a single-family home.

In the Bay Area, we’d only dreamed of a townhouse and we had to leave the area to get one. But, alas, when we moved to Tampa Bay, we were able to buy our first single-family home. We still get nostalgic about it and as much as we loved it, Las Vegas is home.

More reminiscing this morning about how we got together in the first place when we met on the job in Silicon Valley. And our spiritual journey to the Orthodox Church. What heady times those were! Hard to believe so much time has passed since then but we’ve had quite a few adventures in-between.

We figured it would take us a year to get fully settled here in Las Vegas. At first we were terribly disappointed that his employer would only allow him to work remotely for 3 months (they were cracking down on remote workers). But the day after his employment ended with them, Rich started a new job. It’s been a tough 6 months with a career change and promotion but now he can say that he enjoys this job much more than the one he had to give up by moving back home.

We’ve been back for 9.5 months now and our kitten is the same age – he was born the day we left Hotel California. He seems to grow and change every day. We’re looking forward to when he will no longer chew electrical cords and pull on the drapes. We have a feeling we’d better plan on keeping Christmas simple this year. 🙂

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