Disney Resorts

disneyland-hotelAs we’ve been wrestling with “What to do about Disneyland,” we’ve realized one thing: staying onsite is at least 75% of the Disney experience for us now. Blame it on WDW, but we got used to that (even when we lived in Florida). Nothing like snuggling into jammies in your room with milk and cookies (or wine and cheese) after a busy day in the parks.


And because won’t be stopping off at World of Disney to spend our points on our October trip, we’ve decided to shop online. The Disney parks robe really spoke to me so that’s what I’ll be getting.

loungepantsRich found some lounge pants and long-sleeved tee to add to his collection – he loves these and they’re great for the cooler months here. And it reminded us, once again, that Disney is all about the resorts for us now.


The Disney Parks robe and lounge wear will bring home that experience and help us look forward to and plan that next onsite trip. When we lived in the Bay Area, we only went to Disneyland once a year so that’s probably how often we’ll do it in the future.

The effort entailed just isn’t worth it when staying offsite. We’ll just have to go less often but do it up right when we do go. This is the way Disney likes it – the trade-off is that we won’t renew our annual pass.

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