Cowboys and Cocktails at Southpoint

So I picked Rich up from work and said, “Let’s go out drinks.” He agreed so we drove over to Southpoint on Silverado Ranch and Las Vegas Blvd. We hadn’t been since we’d moved back to Vegas. We toured the property to reacquaint ourselves with it and then settled in at the Silverado Lounge. Rich went to the bar and ordered two dirty martinis with Ketel One Vodka.


We did some people watching as we sipped and talked and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves in the present moment. Southpoint not only attracts locals but often the cowboy, RV, and general outdoor culture because of the Arena and Equestrian Center, with different events.


This weekend was the gun show and we saw plenty of cowboys onsite. There was a sign about keeping your guns in their cases without bullets so that was a relief – lol!

We signed up for a new club card so that I can attend the Dennis Bono show some Thursday afternoon. With my current music studies, that should be a fun place to hang out!

We then stopped off for an ice cream that really hit the spot. And by the time we exited the casino, the sun had dropped behind the mountains, with the remains of a hot September day drifting into a warm and glorious desert evening.

The night at Southpoint was really fun. We’ll be back – often. There are several interesting-looking restaurants and the showroom is one of our favorites. It was reassuring to know that we can grow old in Las Vegas and won’t have to move to Florida – there were plenty of people our age or older hanging out. Vegas only appears to be a young person’s place if you hang out on the Strip too often. 🙂


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