What to do about Disneyland?

monorailwebSome of my Orange County friends were talking about Disneyland and how they’re not going to renew their AP because of Disney’s greed and the price of an AP now. Sometimes I think my WDW friends think it’s just me complaining. 🙂

But those of us who grew up near Disneyland (and even some Bay Area Disneylanders) are feeling pushed out because Disney is throwing us under the bus for corporate sponsors and faraway people and places.

A similar thing goes on at WDW. For example, conventioneers at the Boardwalk get the close-in parking and guests have to park across the street. So only those who are staying at the BW are going to notice. But when Disneyland does this stuff, it’s far more noticeable and affects many more because of the small, cramped space.

No matter how much we would love it to be different (we sometimes forget for a moment and imagine our visits will be like they were before the opening of Cars Land), it aint going back to how it used to be. The reason we had such a fabulous time is that things were under construction – DVC villas, Disneyland Hotel refurb, and Cars Land. So, we got nice room rates and the crowds were quite manageable. In other words, we got lucky!

We even got our own version of a Food & Wine Festival. I doubt we’ll ever see the likes of that again – it mostly attracted locals and they just don’t spend as much money in the parks. We were considered a  big deal because we came all the way from Las Vegas – lol! (Which, btw, is only a 3-4 hour drive – we’re much closer to Disneyland than people in the Bay Area.)

So we adjust our Disney experience – we don’t stay onsite and we spend more time at the beach. We find our favorite things to do, which, these days, mostly consists of wining and dining at DCA, which is our answer to Epcot (our favorite WDW park) or we hang out at the GC. We’re not like other Disneylanders because we’ve lost our fascination with Disneyland park – we’re much more into DCA, the GC, and Downtown Disney. Blame it on Florida but that changed our Disney experience (in a good way) forever.

When we lived in Florida, we only visited the MK about once a year and we may not even step inside Disneyland on our next really short trip (although I am missing Pinocchio after writing that last post) and holiday Haunted Mansion is fun if the crowds aren’t too deep. So we’ll have to wait and see.

We’re not really getting our money’s worth out of our AP so we may not renew ours either next year. We might do better if we splurge on one big trip, stay onsite, and get tickets for that stay. The rest of the year, we can enjoy the other playgrounds of Southern California and just pop into Downtown Disney or Napa Rose.

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