Scooter’s Big Adventure

ScooterCoverOne of my favorite Disney movies is Pinocchio. For some reason I related to Geppetto, who longed for his wooden creation of a boy to become a real boy. Maybe because it’s one of the earliest Disney movies from my childhood.

In fact, my first dream I remembered was a dream about my parents being stuck in a whale. I must have just seen the movie.

When we first moved to our new home in Las Vegas, I noticed the weather could be quite blustery in the winter. On some days, the front door seemed to blow open and I worried about Skipper going outside.

bookwormkittyOf course, that inspired a picture book about a woman who adopts a new kitty who loves to help her in the kitchen but disappears one blustery day. Had he become a real boy as she had hoped? (I know I can totally see Skipper as a real boy.)

Eventually, I put that book aside. We moved to Florida, lost Buddy and were determined to return home. After finally making it back to our home where Skipper and Vegas had inspired that book, I knew I needed to finish it and publish it in pdf just to have it on record. And because this is our family blog, we wanted to post it here.

Rich and I talked about the storyline as I was writing, as usual, and he created the cover.

To read our family picture book, click on Scooter’s Big Adventure.

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