“Too Old for Disneyland” Beach & Booze Trip, Day 3 Part 1

After reading Sue’s report last night about her day at the Magic Kingdom, I really thought we might get up and go to Disneyland this morning. We’ve been reading her reports since the 1990s and one thing we love about them is how candid she is – she doesn’t sugarcoat anything. She’s been my role model for years. 🙂

Rich’s back and neck were hurting from the “Heavenly” bed once again and we were enjoying our leisurely mornings so much that we thought we’d save Disneyland for that evening and spend the morning out by the pool – another favorite activity of Sue’s – lol!

Rich made the coffee and we ate a breakfast bar and enjoyed our morning together talking. Then about 10:00, we started getting ready for the pool and by 10:30 we were ready to go out. I’d packed my “Wowsa” swimsuit, although I thought I’d packed the second tier suit. Oh well, I hadn’t worn it since my birthday trip to Encore last year, so it was probably good to wear it at least once a year. 🙂

The pool was much quieter this morning and we had our pick of lounge chairs so we chose one on the end of a row with a table and the one next to it, put down our stuff, and applied copious amounts of sunscreen. In Vegas, you hibernate in the summer so we hadn’t been exposed to much sun for awhile and needed to be careful. Don’t let anybody fool you – SoCal is also in the desert and it’s important to protect your skin.

By now we were a bit hungry but the grill didn’t open until 11:30 so we soaked in the jacuzzi for awhile. Rich’s neck and back were feeling much better. This was a rare occasion when my back didn’t hurt from a hotel bed but Rich’s did. Maybe it was his side of the bed.

After soaking in the jacuzzi for awhile, we switched to the pool. Of course, it felt somewhat cool after the warmer water but we soon adjusted to it. We picked out our favorite kids splashing around. This one little girl, all dressed in her swimsuit, robe, Mickey ears, and flip flops, well, Rich called her Kathy – lol! We joked that if there was a line-up, people would think that I was her mother, uh, I mean, grandmother, because we were dressed alike and had the same attitude.

Speaking of grandmas, one of my friends mentioned that Disneyland these days means not riding 3/4 of the rides and holding everybody’s stuff while they rode. Well, we saw one old woman with her grown kids and grandkids and she was having a terrible time telling the time with this new-fangled phone – lol! Yes, it’s easy to feel old these days and it’s easy to feel old at Disneyland.

Unlike at Disney World, where you see a lot of older people having fun like kids, at Disneyland (meaning the surrounding hotels and tourist attractions, too), I’m now feeling like the grandma who sits on the sidelines. Often, they go along on the trip and babysit the kids while the parents have fun in the parks at night. I’ve had a few friends like that. Well, actually, my friends used to be the adult kids having fun while their parents stayed in the hotel room and took care of the kids. 🙂

We got out of the pool and relaxed on the lounge chairs all slathered up with sunscreen. This has been a favorite activity for Rich and me since we were kids – he on the Jersey Shore and me on SoCal beaches. Disneyland and the beach, it’s all one for me – two activities that are just not separated. It was really warm out today so when we got too hot, we’d jump back in the pool to cool off.

We were getting really hungry and wondering what time it was – no clock at the pool – so Rich tried to talk to the towel boy but Rich’s Spanish wasn’t strong enough to really find out anything. Around noon, Rich saw a server out by the grassy area with tables on his way back from the room to get the other bottle of sunscreen, so he let her know we were interested in ordering lunch. She said she’d be right over, which she was.

Carne Asada Street Tacos and Margarita for me and a Cheeseburger and OC Splash for Rich. Ah, this was the life. The food was delicious and the drinks were cool and refreshing, adding to our enjoyment of the pool. We could do this every day.

We took another dip in the pool and splashed around awhile and then got out to dry off and go back to the room. I think it was around 1:30 by then and we’d stayed out a bit too long and got a little too much sun so we took a long nap to rest up for our last night at Disneyland.

Btw, we couldn’t help but notice the half-Marathon runners as they were everywhere – they started to arrive at the pool after the morning run ended. You’d think they’d need to take a nap or something, but no, they were quite visible in the park, the restaurants, and at the pool. I used to be a serious walker (my record was 18 miles in one stretch – a half marathon is 13.1 miles), and was part of the running/walking craze in California in the early days so I don’t really know why they must have these half-Marathons – they’re obviously moneymakers. But it’s just one more example of people elsewhere turning onto something we’ve been doing for years and so over it – lol!

No photos for today – just smiley faces – we’d left our camera phones in the room safe. 🙂

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