Bonefish Grill

We have a long history with Bonefish Grill. We were living Tampa Bay, the headquarters of the company, when one of the founders, Chris Parker, died in a boating accident just a mile south of the Gandy Bridge.

We used to have dinner at the Bonefish Grill in Henderson, NV. But that Bonefish Grill closed soon after. Then when we moved back to Las Vegas, we saw that a new Bonefish Grill had opened in Town Square, one of our favorite dining areas.

Bonefish-6The other good news was that they served lunch. This is new for some Bonefish Grill locations.

We were seated in a comfy booth in the corner of the dining room. Our server was very attentive, but not too intrusive. We had done our research, and our mouths were already watering for one of their special martinis, although Kathy was tempted to order the Cucumber Cosmo – maybe next time.

Ultimate Infused Dirty Martini
Ketel 1 Citron vodka infused with olives for 3 full days. Served ice cold in a frozen martini glass. Finished with the perfect garnish. The best damn dirty martini ever!


The menu calls it “the best damn dirty martini ever,” and they’re pretty right on. It was a sumptuous drink with the perfect garnish of two bleu cheese stuffed olives.

Kathy just had shrimp for lunch the previous day, or she would have ordered their famous Bang Bang Shrimp appetizer. Instead we went straight for the entrees.

Maryland-Style Jumbo Lump Crab Cake, Kathy
jumbo lump cakes + red remoulade with choice of side

crabFish + Chips, Rich
tempura-style with house-made tartar + Parmesan fries


Kathy enjoyed the ideal crab cake with wonderful fresh crab, very little filler, fried lightly.

The fish and chips were very good. As you can guess, the one thing that Bonefish Grill is known for is fresh, sustainable fish. And the fish in the fish and chips was no exception. I shared some with Kathy so she could enjoy it too.

The Parmesan fries that came with both our meals were delicious. We do love fries, and the Parmesan coating made them extra special. Kathy was tempted to order the cous cous because sometimes fries can be too heavy, but the fries were light and just the right portion.

Key Lime Pie, Shared
roasted pecan crust
pieOur entrees were not too large, which was a good thing, because we were saving room for dessert. They are also famous for their house-made key lime pie. Wow, it was definitely worth saving room for this!

With so many wonderful places to eat in Las Vegas, sometimes it’s hard to choose where to eat. Our decision to visit Bonefish Grill was a good one. The food, the service, the atmosphere, and the company were all superb. We’re glad they have a new Bonefish Grill in Las Vegas and that it serves lunch. Another incredible dining experience in our fabulous city!

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