Disneyland: The Plan

Who: Rich and Kathy
Anaheim Hilton
September 2014
Focus on Disneyland

The Plan

Oh my goodness! We just realized we hadn’t written a post for our September Disneyland trip plans. I went to consult it on the iPad and it wasn’t there. So, this is to rectify that oversight pronto!

On our May trip, we spent most of our time at DCA with a quick walk down Main Street in Disneyland. But we didn’t ride any rides in either park. We’d meant to, but things happened and we didn’t spend much time at the parks. And then we cancelled the July trip to book the Elvis Festival in Vegas. So we’re anxious to get some use out of our AP and really focus on Disneyland.

The onsite resorts are full so we booked a room at the Hilton, Disneyland view. We’ve stayed there before, they have the best beds and the best shuttle service to Disneyland. We were very comfortable there. But Rich will continue to check for cancellations because we’d rather stay onsite, especially on short trips. Perhaps, once we get closer, something will become available. Since we’re booked at the GC for October, we’re hoping to get the DL Hotel and there is probably a better chance of an opening there, with so many rooms in the hotel.

These are our tentative plans but it can all change, depending on where we end up staying. And what we do in October depends, somewhat, on what we do on this trip so that trip may also change.


Late Afternoon: Depart Las Vegas after work
Dinner: Barstow
Evening: Check in Hilton


Morning: Disneyland (Matterhorn, Big Thunder, Haunted Mansion, Pirates, Jungle Cruise, Pooh, Peter Pan, Alice)
Breakfast: Earl of Sandwich if DL Hotel or Hilton breakfast
Lunch/Afternoon: Pool (Trader Sam’s if DL Hotel or Hilton pool)
Evening: Disneyland
Dinner: Rancho del Zocalo/Date Night Dancers


Morning: Radiator Springs FP
Breakfast: Flo’s
Lunch: Dukes, Huntington Beach
Afternoon: Rest
Evening: Radiator Springs FP
Dinner: Carthay Circle or Trader Sam’s


Morning: Breakfast at La Brea Bakery
Disneyland walk-through to soak up some atmosphere unless we’re anxious to get home to our kitties, which we probably will be
Drive home

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