Unexpected Disneyland/Beach Trip: Final Thoughts

We were anxious to get back to doing what we’d been doing in Las Vegas before – traveling to Disneyland and SoCal on a regular basis.

We were anxious to re-create that experience of having our SoCal fun and then feeling that relief when you cross the San Bernardino Mountains with endless quiet open desert before you.

We were anxious to re-create that feeling of knowing we were almost home when we sighted the M Resort and Casino, parking in the garage, opening the door and being greeted by our 3 kitties.

And for those reasons, it was a successful trip.

Some of the highlights were:

  • Sipping wine and snacking on Tapas at the Alfresco Lounge, which, for the first time, was open while we were there.
  • Strolling past the Grand Californian and Napa Rose remembering our past stays and dreaming of when we can stay there again. We’re a bit disappointed we won’t be celebrating my birthday at Napa Rose after all but looking forward to when we can dine there again.
  • Annunciation Byzantine Catholic Church – we’d had our eye on this for several years, hoping to carve out some time on our trips to attend Liturgy there and it was even better than expected.
  • Don the Beachcomber – so excited to recreate my Tiki memories of growing up in Orange County.
  • Out little beach condo just 3.2 miles from my childhood home. I can feel it and smell it in the air and it gives me such a peaceful sleep.

Some of the lowlights were:

  • It was such a short trip and by the time we got there, the parks were crowded and we didn’t get around to riding any rides.
  • Embassy Suites just isn’t our hotel anymore – waiting for the long elevator and tripping over the luggage was painful and took me all week to recover.
  • Not staying onsite – we miss that – it’s all part of the experience but with Disney prices and me being in-between contracts, that’s the way it is. Next time we’ll return to the Hilton – fabulous beds with a shuttle that drops us off right at the parks.

Until our next adventure… who knows? Maybe we’ll get to sneak back on some weekend this summer…



space103-virgin-galactic-manned-flight-enterprise_23803_600x450I miss Soarin… Btw, we finally watched Planes and loved it!

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