First Trip Back Part 2: “Disneyland or the Beach?” Day 2, Part 1

We were so exhausted after our busy day the day before so we slept in. We thought about eating breakfast in the restaurant again but that seemed like too much work. We showered, got dressed, and had a real OC breakfast – Burrito at Del Taco – no breakfast burrito – just the real thing!

It was then time to drive down memory lane – past the house I lived in during high school. We took more pictures – it keeps changing subtly. There’s a satellite dish on the house and the new school they built on the old strawberry field behind our house can be seen towering over the back of the house. It would be so strange to live in that house now – how claustrophobic – no wide, open, quiet strawberry field but a school! It took 40 years before they built on that strawberry patch.


On the way to Huntington Beach, we drove past my high school and I noticed something this time around. The house and school didn’t have that same emotional hold it had on me before. Could it be I’m finally able to put this to rest?

By the time we arrived at Huntington Beach, it was busy and it just didn’t appeal to us for our beach day. So we drove south to Newport Beach and on to Corona del Mar, one of the loveliest beaches in the OC. This is the beach I went to as a teen-ager. Newport Beach and Balboa Island were my childhood beaches.

We brought our beach chairs and parked them in the sand and soaked up the sun, playing the Beach Boys from my iPhone – not too different from my childhood days playing the Beach Boys on my little transistor radio – lol! It was a gorgeous day and many were sunbathing just like the old days. We didn’t realize it was going to be such a nice day – we’d only worn shorts but hadn’t brought our suits. We did wade in the ocean to cool off from the hot sand.


We relaxed on the beach for a couple of hours but could have stayed all day. Eventually, we had to get up, find some lunch, and make our way to In N Out Burger – what’s better than a burger and a shake after a beach day?

Then it was more napping and resting for our last night at Disneyland – our return to DCA via Downtown Disney valet parking.

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