Countdown to Disneyland

Less than a month now until our next trip to Disneyland. It seems like forever. Maybe because it’s been nineteen months since our last trip to Disneyland. When we lived in Las Vegas and went often. Before Cars Land officially opened. Before we moved back to Florida the second time, enjoying multiple visits to WDW.

We booked a trip to Disneyland from Florida and had to cancel. We booked a trip to Disneyland from Oregon and had to cancel. Now that we’re back in California, we’re anxious to get back to going frequently. Our Annual Pass is waiting.

On the “To Do” list: interview a new pet sitter, wash the car inside and out, service the car, (hair trim and pedi) and pack our bags! We’re so ready to go!

It’s sometimes lonely writing about Disneyland when most of our Disney friends are from our WDW days. Our Disneyland friends don’t write or talk much about it – they just do it. I’m the odd one out writing and talking about it. 🙂

Life is different in California – no doubt about it. Especially for those of us who grew up near Disneyland in Southern California. Our experience is different even from those in Northern California.

As one of the local families who visited Disneyland soon after opening, it was “our” park. We saw Walt Disney strolling the park. It was no big deal – it was just something we saw. “Oh, look, there’s Walt” we said, quietly and unobtrusively. We thought of him as our neighbor.

My mother grew up going to Griffith Park in L.A. with her family (and later took us). Griffith Park is where Walt got his inspiration to create Disneyland in the first place. We’ve internalized Walt’s creative genius. So when my mother and step dad first went to the Magic Kingdom at WDW, they said, “This is just like Disneyland,” turned around and left and headed for Epcot. They knew Walt would never duplicate his efforts – he was too creative for that.

On my first trip to WDW, I said, “Where’s the Matterhorn?” 🙂

matterhorn1.jpgThe iconic Matterhorn at Disneyland

In fact, the best part for me in Soarin’ is when we soar over the Matterhorn. In Florida, I’m in tears. In California, we’re all applauding!

Our WDW friends may not converse with us much about Disneyland but the good news is, Cars Land is drawing them out here and now that we’re back in California, we hope to see them when they visit.

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  1. Larry says:

    As soon as I can manage to get there!


  2. Kathy says:

    That would be awesome!


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