Grilling for Two

MadMen fans set the stage the entire day before watching their favorite TV show. And last night was the premiere for Season 6. We started off by grilling steaks.

We’ve had many grills – small, medium, and large – propane and charcoal – but our favorite is the Weber hibachi type or Smokey Joe, as they’re calling it now. Charcoal gives you that taste you seek and why you grill in the first place and the Smokey Joe is the perfect size for two.

When I first moved to Fremont, I was told that having a “Weber” was a requirement and I fondly recall the aroma of grilled meat after work most nights. Nos that we’re back in the Bay Area, we’re finding ourselves hanging out in Fremont a lot – we’ve found the best church ever there and my doctors, dentists, etc., are still in the area so I’ll be returning often. Fremont is where we’ll probably live once our lease is up. Sunnyvale is convenient for many jobs in Silicon Valley but it’s too Silicon Valley. Fremont gives the feeling of being away from the busy Bay Area while still giving you access to it all.

So we made the dreaded trip to Safeway to restock our pantry – we were down to zip – and to pick up some steaks for our Sunday dinner. There’s no way to estimate how many bags you’ll need with a big shopping trip and I don’t think Safeway charged us at all – how could they? We had already paid our grocery bill before the bagger was finished bagging. El Camino is always a zoo and any Safeway on El Camino will drive you crazy. I’m getting too old for all of this – lol!

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAAnyway, Rich spiced the meat in his special way and grilled the steaks while I cooked the perfect baked potatoes –  soft on the inside and crispy on the outside – it’s all in the olive oil (450 for 1 hour – no foil). We skipped wine with our mid afternoon Sunday dinner because we were holding out for drinks while watching MadMen at 6 p.m. (high-def time). Rich had his favorite Scotch and I, foolish mortal, drank white wine.

Next week I’ll have to have something stronger – like a martini – it’s just that kind of show. Maybe we’ll eat later next week. Yes, maybe Sunday during MadMen season will be steak night. Steaks and martinis – yum!

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