Can WDW Save the Birthday – Day 2, Part 1

Saturday, July 14, Magic Kingdom

Rich hadn’t been to the Magic Kingdom since we moved back to the Orlando area and because we were staying at Wilderness Lodge, it was the perfect park choice for the day.

Rich made a pot of coffee in the room, but we skipped breakfast in the hotel, figuring we’d find something in the park. We showered and got dressed and walked down to the boat dock – arriving by boat is our favorite ride.

We didn’t have good timing this morning, though, and we had to wait a long time for the next boat to arrive and was it hot! Finally, our boat arrived and off we went to the Magic Kingdom.

The crowds were very light, which was a good thing, but here, again, I was a bit confused by the low crowd level. The last time we lived in Florida, the parks were busy all summer long. But that was before the downturn. We thought things were recovering but probably not to those levels. We do know that WDW is hiring like crazy and they’re bursting at the seams at Team Disney and have plans to move to a new building this fall.

We walked down Main Street, waved to the Mayor, and then popped into Main Street Bakery to see about some breakfast. This is one of our traditional stops. But the line was long and after that amazing meal at Artist Point last night, we weren’t really hungry yet. So we ventured toward Adventureland.

Our first ride is always Pirates of the Caribbean. And it was a blast, as always. But we always notice the difference between Pirates at WDW and Pirates at Disneyland. Then we headed for Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. We prefer the one at WDW over the one at DL because of the padded seats. But, boy, was it a rough ride. And when the ride was over, some folks got out on the right side. I thought the exit was to the left, but when Rich nudged me to go right, I followed. And then the CM had to tell us all we were supposed to get out on the other side.

We’d considered riding Splash next but my head was all dizzy and I needed to sit down and recover. The funny thing is, when we were on BTMR, I kept saying stuff like, “I’m too old for this” and “At 40, I could no longer ride the big coasters and now I can’t even ride the small coasters.” A single rider in front of us, probably about the same age, turned around and smiled. Riding with her hands in the air, I’m sure she was quite proud of herself. 🙂

Haunted Mansion was next and we were wishing that DL had this new stairs version. But the good news is, the holiday version at DL is the most awesome of all. So, there’s a trade-off.

We meandered into Fantasyland and checked to see the wait time for Peter Pan. It was 40 minutes so we skipped it. We won’t wait for more than 20 minutes for that ride. Guess we found out where the crowds were – lol!

It was fun peeking into the new Fantasyland construction as we walked by – looking forward to that being finished.

We made our way to Tomorrowland to ride the People Mover, one of our favorite rides that DL doesn’t have anymore. But, first, we realized we were hungry, so we stopped at the ice cream cart. I had a Mickey bar and Rich had a container of mini ice cream bites. We sat down and enjoyed our breakfast. We definitely recommend ice cream for breakfast at WDW in the summer.

On to the People Mover. Ah, we had the entire set of cars all to ourselves. And so we chatted and rode and wished we could ride this all day long. This was simply the best! Eventually, the ride came to an end so we moved on to Carousel of Progress, one of our favorites, too.

I missed this so at DL when it first moved to WDW years ago. And Rich first rode it at the New York World’s Fair. We don’t ride it every time, but it seemed like the right thing to do as a gentle reminder of the benefits of “Progress” in our world that seems to change every day.

By this time, we were hungry for lunch. So we walked back through Main Street to Frontierland to grab a burger at the Pecos Bill Café. We’ve always loved the grilled onions in the condiment bar, but, alas, no more grilled onions—chopped raw onions only.

But while perusing the condiment bar, a CM decided she must mop the floor right in front of us, leaving it nice and slippery. We thought that was another Disney oddity. Then when we were sitting outside, the dad in the family next to us decided he must feed the birds. The sons kept telling him he shouldn’t do it. But then that same CM encouraged dad to feed the birds and even take pictures. Sheesh!

(I don’t think they were from the U.S. We noticed a lot of Spanish being spoken, perhaps South Americans. Perhaps this is holiday time for them?)

Well, by now, this was enough fun for us and it was quite hot and we were looking forward to an afternoon swim at the WL pool, one of our favorites.

While there are pros and cons for WDW and DL as far as the “Magic Kingdom” goes, we always miss DL when we’re at WDW. It’s our home park. What we love most about WDW, though, are the resorts and the wide open spaces.

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