AP and Epcot Day

The Plan: to renew our Premier pass with plans to visit Disneyland later this year.

The Actual: we ended up doing what we did last year – renewing the Disney World pass with the discount (Premier passes are not discounted), and then upgrading once we have firms plans to go to Disneyland. We don’t plan to renew this rental house lease so we’ll be moving this fall and that will complicate when we get back to Disneyland.

Today was a beautiful day – sunny, a bit cool in the morning, but warmed up to perfect temps. After renewing our APs, we strolled to our favorite place in the World – World Showcase, Mexico, specifically. I’ve been craving Margaritas and tacos.

We had planned to catch a few rides, but by the time we arrived at the park, it was 10:30 so we decided to focus on the AP and lunch, with a stroll around our favorite Lagoon.

Interrupting this report to talk about my knee. We’d intended to ride the tram to save my knee but it wasn’t working yet so we walked to the entrance. We walked through Future World to World Showcase. We walked around World Showcase. We walked through Future World back to the front entrance. And then we caught tram. The tram stopped way beyond our parking row. But the good news is – my knee survived! It didn’t hurt at all today. Now back to lunch.

The Cantina was always a favorite stop for us, but it only gets better – not only has the menu improved so that we could get lunch (instead of a snack) and a Margaritas on the rocks – woo hoo! Your only choice before was a frozen Margarita and I prefer it on the Rocks (frozen is FAB during the summer heat). I grabbed a table, and Rich got us smoked beef brisket tacos and margaritas on the rocks. YUM!

After lunch, we strolled around the Lagoon, stopped in at Italy wondering where the new wine bar will be located, stopped in at Japan looking for the new sake cocktail bar but didn’t see it, and then made our way to France to get our favorite dessert – lemon tart for Rich and a cream puff for me – the most amazing whipped cream in the world!

We stopped in at Mouse Gear and Rich grabbed a Mickey coffee mug to match my Minnie mug (he’d been using his Tigger mug because they didn’t have a Mickey mug in this set before – can you believe it – lol). He also got a blue Mickey shirt he’d had his eyes on. We used our points for our purchases, and then we were done – feeling well satisfied and happy to be back.

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