Christmas Adventures with Friends

Catching Up With Old Friends

Thought we’d insert a post about some of the many Christmas activities we’ve enjoyed at Disney World this Christmas season before posting some of the pics.

We had barely unpacked the house when we discovered some friends were coming down for their Christmas trip. And they invited us to the Bay Lake Tower (BLT) Grand Suite for a little get together – whoa! Was it amazing!

Last year we’d toured their two-bedroom water view suite at BLT and were impressed with that! But the Grand Suite, Magic Kingdom view, all decorated with Christmas lights and Mickey ornaments etc was jaw-dropping. I mean, can we just move right in? Wow! The laundry room, alone, would be worth it!

It was so much fun being available to meet up with old friends and to meet new ones, too. This makes the cross-country move worth it!

Making New Friends

The other fun thing we got to do because we now live in the Orlando area was enter the lottery for tickets to the All Ears Dessert Party and private viewing of Osborne Lights!

After tasting some chocolate treats and posing with Mickey and Minnie for holiday photos in the Animation Studio after hours, we were escorted to the Osborne Lights area.

Now this is the only way to do the Osborne lights – we are spoiled forever! It felt like it was just the two of us viewing the show – we saw things we’d never noticed before when in the crowds. Last time we never saw that side street area, which is one of our favorites.

The only thing they could have improved was shelving the loud, raucous music for quiet, slow, romantic tunes. Oh, you mean, it wasn’t just us there? lol! We thought it was just for us.

We’d planned to fit in another evening at Disney the next weekend, but I was sick and we had to skip the Candlelight Processional this year. But that’s okay, we have it on CD and love listening to it in our home.

Next up was the dinner at Flying Fish, which Rich wrote about in the previous post.

Christmas Eve started off in a funk. As much as we were excited about a Florida Christmas, it’s been a few years since we’d actually experienced one. In the meantime, we’d had more traditional Christmas celebrations in Las Vegas – if you can imagine that. But with cool temps and even snow one year, Vegas was more traditional than Florida in the 80s.

The other thing about Christmas in Florida is that there are so many visitors and it’s almost impossible to get anymore near church for a Christmas Eve service. After circling two different ones, we finally found a parking place and a seat.

Christmas Day we were still in a bit of a funk, but by the time we had Christmas gift fun with kittiesm  they were excited and it got us into the spirit.

For Christmas dinner, we decided to be playful and go to Ft. Wilderness, one of our favorite Disney hangouts at Christmas because the campers decorate their campsites and golf carts – some of them are quite amazing. We had a casual buffet meal at Trail’s End Buffet with an assortment of traditional hoilday foods and a few southern specialties thrown in. All tasty food and it was fun to try different things. But the dessert was the yummiest – especially the pecan bars (I remembered how WDW had the best pecan pie I’d ever had before). I paired my pecan bar with a small slice of pumpkin pie and the combo was even better.

Afterwards, we walked over to Wilderness Lodge – not many know how to find that – and it was much longer than we’d remembered. My knee was killing me by the time we got there, but I sat in a chair, stared up at the amazing Christmas tree and Rich got some aspirin and water in the gift shop. It felt so good to be taken care of by Rich and Disney.

After enjoying the atmosphere for awhile, we made our way to the boat dock and boated back over to Ft. Wilderness – should have taken the boat both ways. Anyway, the funniest guy, George the bagpipe player, was on our boat, and he was a hoot. We all had fun chatting with him and listening to his pipes. It felt like old family and friends enjoying a fun Christmas Day at Ft. Wilderness together. And what started off as one of our worse Christmas days ended up being one of the best.

And by the time I’d sweated all day at WDW (it’s hotter and muggier there than in our neighborhood), I finally remembered what I loved about having a Florida/Disney Christmas.

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