Blast to the Past: Day Three, Final Thoughts

We started off the day with room service breakfast, but the service had slipped. They brought toast instead of muffins, and they forgot to bring a table to serve it on, so we had to wait while they ran back and forth. Anyway, we know that Disney room service is hit and miss – nobody does it better than Las Vegas. lol!

Then, with sore feet, we decided to take the Monorail in to Disneyland Park. The CM was digging through the bags of the people ahead of us so we, not having bags, slid by. But she rudely stopped us saying, as if we were in kindergarten, “One at a time.” We explained we didn’t have any bags and she insisted, “Oh, we check more than just bags.” We told her it was ridiculous because WDW has “no bag” lines for their parks. Like an uptight school marm, she stood her ground.

We really hate the way Disneyland forces you to wait in the bag check line when you do not have any bags. We were tempted to stop in at the Town Hall and complain, as our ex CM friend, Nancy, instructed us to do anytime we had a problem at Disneyland. But we decided to put on our happy face and have a good time at the happy place.

The monorail took us to the Tomorrowland station, where we disembarked next to the Nemo Submarine Ride. The line didn’t look too long (under 30 minutes) and it was mostly in the shade, so it looked quite attractive to us. Somewhere along the way, the dad of the two kids in front of us asked his kids, “Are you hungry?” Much to his disappointment, they said, “No.” So he left the kids anyway, to get some food. We’d forgotten all about him, but the small boy was goofing off on the rails, and kicked me in the stomach as he jumped down. Surprised by the painful attack, I yelled out, and he apologized. I appreciated his apology, but I kept one eye on him after that – lol!

Then the dad returned with a big breakfast burrito and some fruit and that’s when I remembered who the kids were with. I’d wondered why the parents in front of the kid didn’t try to supervise the kids better, but those weren’t the parents. His dad had left the kids in line because *HE* was hungry. Geez, Dad, eat before or eat later.

We enjoyed the Nemo submarine ride, but having ridden it before, the surprise factor was gone, and, therefore, the wow factor. It was fine.

Then we decided to use our Fast Passes that the Disneyland Hotel had given us as part of their summer promotion package for the new 3D, 50 Option, Star Tours Ride. And was it a blast! It was such a group thing – everybody cheering on – we were in it together. I could see how you’d want to get back in line over and over again. We were so happy to learn that this redo is being tested at WDW and should be open to the public soon, if not already. We love this new version of an old ride!

By this time we were hungry, so we left the park and stopped in at Tortillo Jo’s at Downtown Disney. It was so relaxing and soothing to be there at lunch time. The last time it was busy dinner time during the Christmas Season.

FAB: Top Shelf Margarita


Rich: Tortilla Jo’s Pork Ribs – Tender baby-back ribs with tequila-habanero BBQ sauce, served with sweet potato fries and roasted corn on the cob with red pepper butter.

Kathy: Two blue corn tortillas filled with shrimp and avocado – topped with salsa verde, queso fresco and roasted corn and black bean salsa. Served with red rice and vegetarian black beans.

Everything was delicious, and we thoroughly enjoyed our lunch. After lunch, we made our way through Downtown Disney, hoping to stop by Basin and pick up some new lotions. But our Basin was no longer there! Oh no! I’ve run out of my favorite lotions since our May trip to WDW. So, we ordered them online once we got home. But we do wonder what happened to Basin at Disneyland?

After our nap, we made our way back to the pool and enjoyed some hot tub and relaxing in the lounge chair time. We noticed that Disneyland Hotel pool now has drink/food service like the Grand Californian does. If any of the WDW hotels have that, please let me know. But the main difference may be that many of the pools at WDW have a bar right in the pool area.

As for the evening – well, we bought tickets to the Angels/Dodgers game at the Big A, but after we purchased the tickets, they changed the time of the game from noon to 5 p.m. Well, we were just too tired to go out to a game, so we skipped it. This is the second time we’ve done that. We obviously book too many things on our “short” long-weekend trips.

We were tempted to have dinner at Tangaroa Terrace again – we were loving it that much – but decided we were just too exhausted. We’d relax in our beautiful room one last night, pack up, and have dinner and a glass of wine in the room.

We decided to share the steak sandwich, and oh my goodness, this was one of the best steak sandwiches ever! The grilled onions were amazing. I’m drooling now. We each had a glass of one of our favorite wines, Cupcake Merlot, and we listened to Alturas, the Bolivian Band, and saw the fireworks all from our fabulous corner room. It was a magical ending to a magical weekend.

The next morning, we checked out, retrieved our car from valet, and drove home. The traffic was light – not many were traveling on the 4th – and we were home in no time.

Final Thoughts: Although we loved our room and the new Retro Monorail pool/Tiki Bar/Tangaroa Terrace area, and would love to stay here again once the entire pool area is finished, there’s just too much walking from the Disneyland Hotel. We miss staying at the Grand Californian – it’s just so much more centrally-located – it’s begun to feel like home to us.

I get quite nostalgic about my Southern California childhood because we moved away before I was ready to leave. But after years and years of returning, I may be cured, at least as much as I ever will be. The photos of the present me in my favorite places really helped, I think, connect the past to the present, giving me some form of closure. And that is the best birthday gift of all.

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