Blast to the Past: Day Two, Part Two

After we returned to the Disneyland Hotel, we rested in our room, took a little nap, and when we got up, we went down to the pool. As I mentioned in an earlier post, we were a bit annoyed by the pool because we had expected the entire pool area to be open but only the slide area was. There was one hot tub and a small pool, besides the splash area for the slide, but all of the chaises were located on the far end away from the pool.

With the warm temps, it was hard to find a lounge chair. We found two regular chairs, so we put our stuff down and then hiked around the slide area to get to the pool area on the far side – not loving walking on my bare feet and without my cover-up – lol! We splashed around there for a bit, and then made our way back to the crowded hot tub. After soaking for a bit, we found a couple of lounge chairs under an umbrella and finally really relaxed. Ahhhhh… it was wonderful and we were so content to sit there.

Staring at the old Disneyland sign and Monorail pool slide, I became quite nostalgic. It fooled me into thinking that I had blasted to the past and if I drove back to my childhood home, all would be the same. My family and friends would still be there, our house would still be new, and it would be a safe, family neighborhood instead of the Vietnamese crime-ridden neighborhood with bars on the windows area (aka “Little Saigon”) it is now. Sigh!

Finally, we dragged ourselves away because we were getting hungry. So we went back to the room, changed into our evening clothes. The wind was picking up and the temps were dropping as it does in a desert area – and we stopped into the new Tangaroa Terrace for something to eat and grabbed a table next to Trader Sam’s Tiki Bar. We could still hear the musicians play, so it was a nice place to sit.

Rich had Fish n Chips and I had Teriyaki Steak. You order the same way you do at Captain Cook’s at the Poly with the touchscreen kiosks. It worked well and the food was quite tasty.

After we finished eating, we walked over to the Monorail but the wait was going to be over half an hour because there was only one monorail. Sigh. We weren’t up for all the required walking to get to Disneyland so we headed for DCA through the GC, which is reason enough to stay at one of the resorts for that special access.

We love the Grizzly Peak area of DCA – our favorite shop is Russian River Outfitters. We would stop there on the way out (for my new Eyeore t-shirt), but first we headed for the new Little Mermaid ride. We knew that the ride vehicles were like the Nemo ones at WDW, so we expected the ride to be at that level. What a disappointment. This is definitely a kiddie ride – it was a walk-on. I’m not sure if it’ll ever be that popular.

After Mermaid, we were going to go to Toy Story, but the rides in the Paradise Pier area would shut down in a few minutes for the World of Color Show. We’re not that happy to have this extra show or any show at a Disney park when it means that rides are shut down. To us, the whole point of being there is for the rides and atmosphere – not the shows – we hate it when they get in the way of enjoying what we’re there to enjoy.

We skipped the Toy Story idea and thought a nice glass of wine at the Golden Vine Winery would be the perfect thing to do. It was dark out, the temps were pleasant, and we thought a nice table for two, sipping a glass of wine would be so romantic. Ooops! Too late. They had already closed and were cleaning up.

Disappointed, but not giving up, we then marched over to Soarin Over California. Now, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – this is the way to ride this ride. It has its own land and outside entry, and you don’t have to wander all over a big building, including escalator like you do at WDW due to it being retrofitted.

Then, before the park closed, we were able to share a strawberry sundae at Burrrbank Ice Cream; one of our favorite ice cream treats at Disneyland. Unfortunately, they’ve done away with the outside seating during the redo to allow for more room to get past this area, so we stood up and shared the sundae. We made our way back to the Disneyland Hotel, sore feet, heel, and knee, and fell into bed, with the fireworks on the headboard singing us to sleep.


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