Blast to the Past: Day One, Part Two

We intended to take the monorail into Disneyland Park, but what looked like a short line was going to be a 30-minute wait. So, we walked the length of Downtown Disney and entered through the front gates. It always annoys us that there is no “bag-free” line at Disneyland like there is at Disney World. And when you mention it, they get all snippy about the super importance of the bag check line (more on that later). Grrrr!

Anticipating big crowds this weekened, our main goal was to soak up the atmosphere and to see if and what rides we would ride. Feeling quite hungry, we thought we’d see which counter service restaurants were the least crowded. Bengals Barbecue had a long line so we popped into the place next door – Riverbelle Terrace and shared the Tennessee BBQ Pork, which came with a couple of sides. It wasn’t bad – wasn’t good either. But we were hungry and it was filling. It was fun to try a place we hadn’t tried before.

We made a beeline for Pirates, especially since we didn’t get to ride it at WDW in May – it broke down just as we got in line. We always remark on how much longer this ride is here than at WDW – and how much the bayou scenes remind us of our backyard in Land O Lakes, Florida (Tampa Bay) – lol!

When we got out of Pirates, Fantasmic was in-progress, so we stopped to see the end of it. Then, with the huge crowd squeezed into such a small space, we made our way out of the park. We were hoping to catch some of the fireworks on the way out, but the “special 4th of July” fireworks must have been too special – they were delayed. So we marched on. By this time our feet were killing us – the theme of this trip, for some reason. Maybe we’d become used to staying at the Grand Californian, which is closer to the parks and definitely saves on your feet.

We made our way back to the Disneyland Hotel through Downtown Disney – peeked into World of Disney to see what was new – and then fell into bed, I think. I’m relying heavily on my Facebook postings and check-ins to remember what we did when – lol!


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