Disneyland Hotel Goes Retro

We stayed at the newly-remodeled hotel twice last year. On our last trip, we’d planned on driving by the old stomping grounds combined with a beach trip sometime during the trip, so we decided this would be the day – a good way to rest our tired feet. We ordered room service and it was delivered in about 20 minutes – we shared an American breakfast of eggs, bacon, pastries, coffee, and juice.

We’d been expecting temps from 82-85 and packed accordingly, but when we arrived, the highs were more like 89. And that means humidity in Anaheim when it gets that hot, especially compared to Las Vegas. And I’d brought the wrong pair of black shorts – these were like capris than shorts – so we thought we’d do a bit of shopping – I could use a couple of summer items.

I took the wheel of the Mustang and drove down Harbor Blvd. to my old stomping grounds. I wrote all about the emotion of that experience on my Flip Flops and FABs blog so I won’t repeat it here. Then Rich took over and drove us to Irvine where we’d thought about living when he was in talks with a couple of Irvine companies. At this point, we wondered if it was still a possibility.

After shopping, we drove down PCH (Pacific Coast Highway, Highway 1) and stopped at Billy’s at the Beach, which I’d noticed on an episode of “Real Housewives of Orange County.” They’re famous for their Mai Tais and they were the best I’d ever had.

Billy’s Famous Mai Tai
(I didn’t realize there was a topless lady on the glass until after I’d posted it on Facebook – lol.)
Along with those Mai Tais, I had fish tacos (superb!) and Rich had seared ahi tuna. We had a wonderful view of the Channel, and the table of 4 old guys and 1 young gal – not sure what was going on with them except that she was trying hard to impress them…

We drove down PCH until Beach Blvd and Huntington Beach was completely packed – not a parking spot in sight. Beach Blvd. was busy, too, and we were reminded of life in SoCal – no thank you! Been there and done that. Ha! This trip was working its magic – putting the past to rest. Yee haw!

We cut over to Harbor Blvd, which wasn’t quite as busy and made our return to the Disneyland Hotel for a brief rest before our evening activities.

Afterwards, we made our way down to the pool.

We’d heard that the pool was open and so we interpreted that to mean that the redo was finished. Not so. The only side open was the Retro Monorail pool, a hot tub, and a small pool, with the lounge chairs near the slide and the hot tub – not the pool.

There is a much larger pool area on the other side that is still under construction. So we were a bit disappointed by that. But the retro-ness was awesome – they’ve done a wonderful job! I could almost imagine that we were still living nearby in the sixties, and I could drive back to my old neighborhood where it felt like it would still be the safe, family neighborhood it was back then. But, alas, I knew better.

The real draw for us around the pool areaq was Trader Sam’s Tiki Bar and Tangaroa Terrace so after freshening up in the room, we went back down and ordered drinks and appetizers in Trader Sam’s Tiki Bar.

There was a wonderful Hawaiian band and we were treated to a couple of Hula dancers, too, since the lead singer’s family was sitting in the audience. We were totally swept away to Hawaii. It’s too bad that the Poly at WDW no longer has lounge entertainment – at least they didn’t the last time we were there in May.

Rich ordered the HippopotoMaiTai and I had the Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki Rum! We shared the Kalua Pork Flatbread – totally delish and totally retro!

Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki Rum

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