“Will We Move Back to Florida?” Day Six, Part Two

Back to the Poly

Before heading over to the Poly, we stopped in at the All Star Vacation Homes office to use their computer for our flight check-in. And we were able to upgrade to Business Class – woo hoo! Whew! What a huge relief for that long flight home – Orlando to Atlanta isn’t bad – there were 2 seats on each side – but the long Atlanta to Las Vegas leg is what we were concerned with.

When we arrived at the Poly, we left the car with valet and then wandered a few shops. I’d seen this swimsuit cover-up at the GC that I’d been wanting for years so when I saw it again and still wanted it, we decided to go ahead and get it. Then, we made our way upstairs and to the Sushi Bar. Boy, was it packed!! And tons of people were standing around waiting for a seat. So we went over to the Kona Cafe and put in our name for about a 30-45 minute wait, I don’t quite remember.

In the meantime, after stalking the Tambu Lounge for empty seats, we eventually we sat down and ordered 2 Habanero Margaritas. Now, we’re a big fan of these at the GC – if you’ve read our trip reports before, you may recognize the pic on the left.

But at the Poly, they were served in a tall glass. And they were even yummier! We think it’s because of the narrowness of the glass, the heat from the habanero was more concentrated! Really, really loved these!

The people next to us got up and another family snagged the 2 chairs and asked if they could have an extra one by our table. We said, yes, of course, and the guy looked at us and said, “You were sitting next to us at Boma last night,” and we all got a big laugh out of that. So funny and that’s just some of the fun at Disney World, connecting and running into some of the same people.

We sipped our drinks some more and I noticed that the Sushi Bar didn’t look quite as busy as it had before. So, Rich took a peek and came back and said there were a few open seats. So, we dropped off our beeper thingie at the Kona Cafe and took our drinks over to the Sushi Bar and were seated, overlooking the foliage again. We watched the male duck protect the female duck in the pond – so cute!

So I ordered the Shrimp Tempura Roll and Rich ordered the Tempura Hamachi Roll. And when the server came back with our order and said, “Who ordered the shrimp?” and I said, “I did,” Rich added, “I’m allergic to shrimp.”

Well, the server was savvy enough to know that the Tempura batter on the Hamachi Roll was fried in the same batter as the shrimp and would be cross-contaminated. So, he took it back and had it prepared without the tempura batter. It had a Citrus flavor instead and was delicious. We applaud the Disney people on being so allergy-sensitive.

After our dinner, we strolled the grounds and made our way out to the beach overlooking Bay Lake and watched the Electrical Water Pageant (you can see the gator in the pic below) for awhile before returning to the pool home to pack and get ready for travel day.

We were just getting into the swing of things and already planning a return trip to stay at the Grand Floridian or the Poly. From now on, we’ll stay onsite, unless we’re driving in for a day trip from Tampa – lol!

Next: Final morning, travel day, and final thoughts.

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