“Will We Move Back to Florida?” Day Four

Tampa Bay

I’ve been in a west coast mood this weekend and I knew I couldn’t write today’s post while I was in the throes of that. I knew my heart would be swinging towards Tampa, once I wrapped my head around writing this particular post. But now I’m ready to get back to the report…

While waiting for the repairman, we drank coffee. But after the repairman left, we went back to bed for a nap. Sometime that morning, we had a swim and ate some muffins. Trying to get some energy for a late start, we decided we’d drive to Tampa to visit our old stomping grounds and to visit our favorite Causeway – Dunedin Causeway. This Causeway is so reminiscent of the first time I experienced Florida on the Causeway leading to Miami Beach back in 1982 – when I flew into Miami from San Francisco for my first cruise and trip to WDW. I was hooked on Florida from that moment!

When Rich worked in Tampa but we lived in Orlando, he worked at home 4 days a week but had to drive into the Tampa office one day a week. After awhile, I used to accompany him and keep myself busy in Tampa all day, going to the movies, the Causeway, the book store, lunch or whatever I could do to keep busy for 8 hours. I’d then pick him up, and then we’d drive home, through the gates to Walt Disney World, around the Disney property to our townhome behind Cinderella Castle. Those were some crazy days. Anyway, one of my discoveries on Tampa day was Tijuana Flats at West Chase.

Rich had introduced me to Tijuana Flats cuz he used to frequent one on Dale Mabry near where he worked. But I discovered the newest one located in the West Chase area – one of our favorite areas of Tampa Bay and as we drove through West Chase once again, I was awestruck by the lovely green, grassy grounds with golf courses and waterways – a site for my sore desert eyes.

By lunch time, we arrived at Tijuana Flats, ordered our usual – tacos for me – burrito for Rich, with an assortment of fiery hot hot sauces from the hot sauce bar, and sat outside where I used to sit and soak up the atmosphere. I remember sitting there once thinking I could never decide to move away from Florida while I was sitting there.

While were were soaking up the atmosphere, enjoying the food, and having “a moment,” Rich called his brother Bob, who loves all things beachy and currently is living in a northern inland state, to tell him where we were. We have this thing where we rub it in when one of us is in Florida so that we can enjoy it even more and the other can live vicariously through the other. It works both ways. The last time they were driving through Tampa Bay to watch spring training games, they called us and we made a few recommendations, including this particular Tijuana Flats.

Anyway, so caught up in the moment, we announced that we were moving back to Florida. Later, when we thought we probably weren’t, I asked Rich, “What about Bob?” And Rich said, “Oh, Bob’s used to us.” lol!

After lunch, we headed for the Dunedin Causeway, pulled over and did a little walking on the beach and in the water. The tide was out and many tourists were sitting in the water in their beach chairs. We were wishing we’d been more prepared so we could have spent the day there. Anyway, we got back in the car and headed for Gulf to Bay, aiming for Sand Key Beach in Clearwater and then toward St. Petersburg before heading back to Orlando.

This was the night we had an ADR for Flying Fish, but after the night before, tromping around the hot, crowded Boardwalk, we were done with that. And after our long Tampa day with not much sleep the night before, we would stay in and save up some energy for the Magic Kingdom the next day.

So we jumped in the pool, and sometime that night had some ice cream, pizza, wine, and chips.

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  1. Larry says:

    So sorry you missed eating at Flying Fish, but you'll go some other time! Loving the trip report and just wanted you to know! 😉


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