“Will We Move Back to Florida?” Day Three, Part Two

Okay, it’s Friday night – let’s wrap up this day with dinner and drinks.

polyDinner at the Poly, Drinks at the Grand Floridian

We first tried the Kona Cafe Sushi Bar last October with Rich’s brother Bob and niece Emily. We enjoyed it so much we decided to try it again. We found a couple of chairs overlooking the waterfalls and lush foliage outside with views of the monorail whizzing by.

Rich ordered the Nigiri Salmon/Tuna/Hamachi combo and I ordered the Kona Crab Cake Roll. We shared bites and everything was delicious. We skipped a FAB this time, deciding to wait until we got to Mizner’s Lounge at the Grand Floridian.

gfviewWe peeked into some of the shops and wandered through the property, admiring the views of Bay Lake Towers, the Contemporary and the Grand Floridian across Bay Lake at the end of a gorgeous sunset. This is a fabulous view and a great spot to be for sunsets and for fireworks at the Magic Kingdom. Nothing like finding a quiet spot on the beach with your sweetheart – it’s so romantic.

We walked over to the Grand Floridian and our first stop was Basin White, which carries some of our favorite body lotion products – a must in the dry desert – and bought 3. Have I told you much I love the GF? I can’t help but think of Chiron and her fabulous first class flight, GF concierge on her first trip to WDW – isn’t that awesome? Some day, I wanna do that!

Then it was to our favorite lounge, Mizner’s Lounge, for cocktails and music. First, there’s a pianist in the lobby that alternates with a jazz orchestra in the mezzanine. Fabulous music and great atmosphere. We chatted with a couple from Maui – long trip for them – and we thought we had it bad. 🙂

Rich ordered his usual 12 year Macallan Scotch neat and I had a Grey Goose Vodka martini on the rocks, which you can almost see in the picture – lol!

Can you see the pattern of how we like to do Disney after doing it so many times? We also adjust what we do, depending on the heat and the crowds, which both make a difference. But these are some of our very special moments. These are the moments we recall later that lure us back for another long flight across the country… so romantic…

We strolled back along the path next to Bay Lake back to the Poly and stopped off at Captain Cooks for a cookies and milk bedtime snack and muffins for tomorrow’s breakfast. Feeling so content…

Thanks to Tables in Wonderland’s free valet, along with Rich’s practice of tipping in and tipping out, the valet practically begged us to come back soon! lol! We love valet service!

Are you wondering if we’ll get back to the parks? First, it’s a Tampa Bay beach day and a long night of sleeplessness due to the pool alarm battery going off every 10 minutes with a middle-of-the-night handyman visit.

Next time, we hope to stay at either the Poly or the GF – no more of these pool homes for us on vacation!

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