“Will We Move Back to Florida?” Day Three, Part One

The Shrine

It’s a good thing Rich took notes about the trip; otherwise, I’d forget entirely what we did and when we did it – lol! And because we do have those notes, I’ve decided to plow through and get the report written and posted so I can get back to working on my manuscript edits. Until I finish this report, I’m going to be too distracted. 🙂

Anyway, the next morning we decided to sleep in, enjoy our Krispy Kremes and coffee out by the pool. And then we had a nice, long, morning swim. We are so loving having our own private pool! Then, we planned to attend noon mass at the Shrine – a place we worshipped practically weekly when we lived in Orlando.

Now the Shrine was built solely for the purpose of supporting Orlando tourists – but we weren’t the only locals attending. They always seemed surprised when we told them that – lol. The Shrine in Las Vegas is more practical – they know many of us are locals – in fact, the locals sit in the far right pews and when we shake hands and greet one another, we all say, “Hi, we’re locals.” lol!

shrineBefore mass, we went into the Shrine’s super special Adoration Chapel and said some special prayers, asking for guidance about living in Florida. As you can see, the Shrine was filled with gorgeous roses of every color imaginable in honor of Mother’s Day. There’s also a nice gift shop with Christian books, tapes, bibles, and other gifts – all worth a look even if you aren’t Catholic.

Coming out of this so refreshed and rejuvenated with much to talk about, we decided to have lunch at nearby Chevy’s, one of our favorite West Coast Tex Mex restaurants. It’s located in Crossings, just outside Downtown Disney.

Rich is now a fan of Don Julio Anejo Tequila so he ordered a shot of that and I ordered my usual Classic Margarita on the rocks, but made this one a Cadillac. We also had tableside guacamole and this is the best guac either of us had ever had. The spices were just right! For my entree, I had 2 steak tacos and Rich had a combo of beef enchiladas and a carnitas taco.

The food was delicious and we felt so at home after the Shrine and the lunch at Chevy’s. Even now I can recall how special all of that felt. Maybe we’ll go to Chevy’s after church this Sunday in hopes of reliving that. And the truth is, in that moment, feeling so spiritual and close to God, we thought for sure he was telling us “Florida.” So what happened?

In the meantime, we went back to the pool home for a swim and a nap. What a life!

Next: Dinner at the Poly; drinks at the Grand Floridian

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