Paradise: Day Three – The End

Today’s report will be more of a mind dump, rather than written in any particular order. For one thing, Ensenada is just seventy miles from the border, and we spent the entire day out to sea – doing practically nothing – lol! The 4-night cruise stops in Catalina and they could easily do this in 3 days, but how would they make all of that money in the casino? Talk about a captive audience – lol!

We had hoped the spend some time out by the adult pool in the aft but the weather cooled a bit and clouded over, making it too cold for that. We had breakfast in the buffet again, lunch in the dining room (service wasn’t so good – not enough servers for the lunch crowd but the “American” lunch in the buffet looked awful), dinner was in the dining room where our server greeted me with a big, “Christine!” They also asked if we wanted a glass of Pouilly Fuisse, remembering last night’s wine. Nope, I rarely drink the same thing twice in a row. Instead, we ordered a glass of Pinot with Rich’s Salmon and my Shrimp Curry. For dessert, we had baked alaska and it was the best we’d ever had.

In the morning, we finally attended an Angels’ event – the chat with members of the team (apparently, nobody had made it to dinner so we were glad we hadn’t sacrificed ourselves for that – lol), autograph signings, Q&A, etc. It was a lot of fun to get the inside scoop on the team.

We also spent some time sorting through the photos and finally decided on one with the two of us on formal night and one fabulous picture of  Rich – one of the best I’ve ever seen of him – so having that was a must!

We napped, read, relaxed, walked around the ship and packed for our early getaway. Because we were in a suite, we’d have early departure – even earlier if we only had carry-on luggage.

That evening we also danced to a wonderful retro band near the casino and spent more time in our favorite lounge – the Rotterdam Bar – and saw those same people with their drinking game – lol! Our server was so amazing – he not only remembered my drink from the night before but we knew the code for our cabin. How does he do it? We were sorry this was our last night in this lounge – it was simply the best experience – and on Carnival, no less.

The funny thing that happened at dinner every night was when the magician stopped by the tables to do a few tricks to hopefully entice you to attend his show. Well, we really don’t like magicians so we kinda laughed and joked around with him, so then he thought we were his biggest fans. So every time he saw us, he’d stop by and engage us in his tricks. That’ll teach us – lol!

When we finally retired to our cabin, we ordered that wonderful cheesecake for our last bed-time snack – oh we were going to miss this. The next morning we waited for our priority disembarkation in the library and I noticed this one guy I thought I once knew from the SF Bay Area – only I couldn’t quite place him. I think he may have been an elder from a church I used to attend. He stared at me, I stared at him and it will forever remain a mystery. Don’t think he was somebody I really wanted to talk to again anyway. But it seems that every time we’re in SoCal, we meet up with people we once knew in the SF Bay Area.

We decided against retrieving the two bottles of wine that Carnival confiscated – we didn’t want the hassle of carrying those back on the plane. The shuttle back to LAX was far more efficient than before and before we knew it, we were flying home (in the air for about half an hour) and back home in Las Vegas. It had been a surprisingly fun cruise and one of our best!

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