Paradise: Day Two Part Two

We must have had a very long nap because neither of us remember what we did after – except go to dinner. What to do post-nap and pre-dinner has always puzzled us on a cruise, but I think we’ve gotten very good at taking long naps so it didn’t seem to be as big of a problem – lol!

Oh, it was formal night so we did get a bit dressed up – it is Carnival, though, so Rich wore a tie and dress shirt – no jacket – and I wore a pair of nice pants with a flashy red jacket I’d picked up for the cruise.

We made our way down to the Elation dining room where the anytime dining is located on the port side of the ship, while the middle of the dining room and starboard side is still traditional dining. We were greeted warmly and a hostess led us to a table. What makes anytime dining work better on Carnival than on any other ship we’ve tried is that the tables can easily be made up into different sizes but they’re all located near one another so the waiter can take your order and a couple of surrounding tables at the same time. In the past, we’ve felt ignored at our table for two while the waiter busied himself with the larger tables. Here, that didn’t happen. Well done!

We were greeted by our servers as Rich and Christine – lol! Somehow, that’s how he heard my name and he called me that for the rest of the cruise. I gladly answered to Christine – it was kinda fun. Rich ordered the tasty Bass, with a nice, crispy skin, unusual for a cruise. I had the surf and turf – the lobster was very good. We each had a glass of Pouilly Fuisse. And when the lights went low and the waiters began singing Amore, we were impressed. We were dreading a big clapping, singing, loud waiter atmosphere that we imagined would be Carnival. For dessert, we had some yummy butter pecan ice cream.

We stopped off at the Rotterdam Bar right above the Destiny dining room and outside the Comedy Club. We found a private spot on a small couch where Rich had a cigar and MacCallan Scotch and I had a Ketel One vodka martini. The waiter was awesome, and he would remember our drinks the next night. It never really feels like a cruise until you’ve found that one, special bar, and we’d found ours. We were sorry we’d missed one night of it already since we only had 3 nights.

A group of guys were playing some kind of drinking game where they’d drink a shot, stand up and say something like “We’re all the same” and then sit down again. We saw them the next night, too, and had no idea what kind of game they were playing, but they were having fun and weren’t obnoxious at all. One table seemed popular with the crew, stopping in for a cigarette break and it was the best people-watching fun.

Rich had taken off his tie by then, but when we walked by the photographers, we decided we’d pose, since we were all dressed up. Rich put his tie back on, and the photographer was just amazing – he knew exactly how to pose us. Neither of us are good at this naturally, and it takes some expertise to get a good picture out of us. They turned out so well, we bought a couple of them the next day, although it was a bit challenging to decide which ones to get since one of us would be happy with the way we looked but the other one wouldn’t be – lol!

When we arrived in our cabin, we got into our jammies, and so impressed with the cheesecake from the room service from the night before, we indulged in a slice before bed. We got hooked on this kind of bedtime treat when we were staying at the Disneyland Hotel with the E-Ticket Club. 🙂

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