Post WDW Food and Wine Trip Thoughts

When we first returned from our trip to Florida last month, we were so exhausted and overwhelmed by the trip that we didn’t really expound on more of the highlights. It always seems to take a little distance from a trip to really take in the fabulous things that were experienced.

Exchanging photos with some of our friends, we were newly-inspired by several experiences and pictures of places. So, we thought we’d post a few of the pics of scenes we took with a quick note of what each place meant to us.

3 Tequilas at the Food & Wine Tequila Tasting

This was held inside the new Tequila Bar inside the Mexican Pavilion at World Showcase. On our last trip, we had peeked into the tequila bar and the whole cave atmosphere didn’t appeal to us. But after experiencing this tequila tasting and armed with more knowledge about the different kinds of tequilas, we’ll be sure to stop in on our next trip to WDW.

The hats of Rich, Brother Bob, and Kathy at Whispering Canyon inside Wilderness Lodge

We had avoided Whispering Canyon before – I mean, we had already experienced Prime Time Cafe where we were scolded to eat our veggies – lol – so who needed more scolding? But with Rich’s brother Bob, who is a card, it was the perfect place to regroup and relax over an adult beverage and lunch after a long morning/afternoon at the Magic Kingdom. Afterwards, we barged in on friends staying at Bay Lake Towers and they so generously gave us a tour of their swank surroundings.

When Bob joined niece Emily, Rich and me at the pool home, we headed for the Poly and that new sushi place. “You’re talking my language,” Brother Bob said. And after some sushi at the Poly, the four of us walked over to the Grand Floridian, shopped at Basin, and topped off the day with a nightcap and a little jazz at Mizner’s Lounge. Wonderful evening, as always, at Mizner’s and so fun to share it with family.

Dinner at JBs Fish Camp in New Smyrna Beach

After a fabulous day of food and wine tasting at the food booths with Brother Bob and niece Emily, Rich and I were persuaded to spend Emily’s last night at New Smyrna Beach dining on seafood and gazing at the sunset overlooking the Causeway, with heavy hearts that we couldn’t join friends for dinner at Jiko.

After dinner, we drove over to the Atlantic and walked on the beach and in the water – incredibly warm even at night in mid October. This is the real Florida and what continues to call to us… Emily called this day one of her “top 5 days” of her life. We agree – it was spectacular!

Under the pier at Cocoa Beach

We had such fun at the beach that Tuesday night that we returned for a day trip on Thursday. We body surfed and had a fabulous time!

Lunch at Grills Seafood at Cocoa Beach
Brother Bob, Rich, and I had lunch and a beer at Cape Canaveral overlooking the cruise ship port. Our tough-talking, no-nonsense waitress had lived in Hawaii (Whispering Canyon was nothing compared to the “real thing.”). But we decided, if you can’t live in Hawaii, Florida may be the next best thing stateside.

So now we’re totally missing Florida and will probably renew our Premium Annual Pass that covers both Disneyland and Disney World. That seems to be the only solution for now. 🙂

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