Food & Wine with Family and Friends, Day 3

October 2010, 15th Annual Food & Wine Festival, Pool Home with the Eckardt Gang Trip Report

In the middle of all of this getting settled in a new place rigamarole (jobs, doctor appts, interviews, driver’s license, car registration, church, etc., etc.) again, it’s such fun to look back on this trip and write up the report – at least as much as we can remember 2.5 years later!

In fact, I was totally stumped about what happened on this day until Rich and I talked about it over coffee this morning. He has such a memory! I’m more likely to remember when things happened and he remembers what happened. Guess we make a great team. 🙂

So this is the way we remember it.

Monday, October 18, 2010, Day 3

This morning we hung out with Emily in the pool home and talked over Krispy Kremes (yes, we bought a big box of them) and coffee. She wanted to hear about all of our moves and what led to each one, etc., etc. Yes, that kept us busy – lol!

Eventually, it was time for Emily to drive to MCO to pick up her dad, Rich’s brother Bob. Neither of us are sure what we did but we must have had some plans or else we probably would have gone to the airport with Emily. We must have done something Disney – perhaps Downtown Disney – and then the Shrine? Since his brother is a Protestant pastor, we probably thought this was the best time to sneak off and do our Catholic thing – lol!

Is this when we did the Tequila Tasting Food & Wine Festival event? (Actually, no. Searching online, we discovered it’s only on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, it had to have been yesterday – here’s our report).

We met back at the house and sat out by the pool and chatted with brother Bob. I think we also soaked in the jacuzzi for awhile and then continued talking while eating on the Lanai. I think this is when we ordered Philly Cheesesteak pizza for lunch because the picture of it is right before tonight’s visit to the Poly.

pizzaPhilly Cheesesteak Pizza – an Eckardt must!

Anyway, it was more about talking than eating – talk is what Eckardts (including myself) like to do almost as much as play in the water. Eventually, Emily and I went inside and left the brothers outside to catch up with their lives.


lanaiPeek into the Lanai from Pool

A nap may have been involved during the afternoon and then we all got dressed for some Sushi at the Poly. Rich valet-parked the car, impressing Brother Bob who had never done valet before – valet is another one of Rich’s favorite things to do. We used to do this often when we lived nearby – one of the perks of Tables in Wonderland.

We toured the gift shops with Bob and Emily.

emily_bobemily_bobEmily and Bob Goofing Around

bob_richSurfer dudes Bob and Rich

Seats opened up at the table overlooking the Poly’s lush lagoon so we sat down.


The Poly’s Lush Lagoon

And ordered sushi all around – we were definitely in “The Sushi Lover’s” camp – the rest of the family is not so enamored.


Sushi at the Poly

After dinner and our tour of the Poly, we took one of our favorite walks – at least before they blocked off this area while constructing the new GF DVC villas. We strolled over to the Grand Floridian, toured some of the shops like Basin, and then stopped in at Mizner’s for an after dinner drink. Emily ordered an Adult Coffee drink and the rest of us followed suit – she seemed please by this. We sipped our drinks and enjoyed the live music and each other’s company – it was awesome!

miznersAdult Coffee Beverages

I also remember posting this on Facebook at the time and Larry’s sister, Beverly, clicked “Like” and posted a comment on FB about our drinks. Bob, Larry, Beverly, and husband Steve were staying nearby at Bay Lake Towers and that made it even more fun – as if we were all doing this together.

We returned to the pool home and called it a night. What a fabulous day it was but tomorrow would be even better – each day was building with such excitement and fun!

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