Food & Wine Festival: Tequila Tasting

October 2010, 15th Annual Food & Wine Festival, Pool Home with the Eckardt Gang Trip Report

Sunday, October 17, 2010, Day 2, Tequila Tasting

Well, reading this review of the Food & Wine Festival 2010 Tequila Tasting event, I realized we couldn’t have done this on Monday like we’d thought. We must have squeezed in a few food booths before and then again after this event. This is what you get when you wait 2.5 years to write up the report. Sigh!

Anyway, we booked this event for several reasons:

  • We love special food events at Disney
  • We love Mexico, especially at Epcot
  • Rich had done a Scotch flight when we’d met Bob & Larry for lunch at Rose & Crown
  • We had both done beer flights at Big River Grille
  • We had done a wine flight at Artist Point
  • We were intrigued by the idea of learning more about tequila – so why not a tequila flight?

I’ve always been a fan of Margaritas but didn’t know much about the different tequilas by name – only by taste – I knew which flavors I enjoyed most. Silver (Blanco) or Reposado for me. Rich discovered he loved Anejo – Don Julio especially. Oh yes, the man has expensive tastes. 🙂

tequilaThe 3 Tequila Tastings

I think the report will start to smooth out after this, but either way, it’s so fabulous to revisit this trip. I so want to be there this fall for the Food & Wine Festival. But if not this year, perhaps next year.

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