Food & Wine with Family and Friends, Day 1

October 2010, 15th Annual Food & Wine Festival, Pool Home with the Eckardt Gang Trip Report

Who: Rich & Kathy aka Two4Disney, Bob & Emily, and Passporter friends
When: October 16-22, 2010
Where: All Star Pool Home near Walt Disney World
Why: Epcot’s Food & Wine Festival with Passporter Friends and Family

I just returned from a job interview for a tech writing contract that I hope will fund our frequent trips to Disneyland. And now after reading Sharon’s and Jill’s trip reports on Passporter, I’m super hoping the contracts will keep coming to fund a WDW trip, too.

After reading about Lesley & Tom and Bob & Larry surprising Jill at the WL check-in, I remembered our Larry & Joan surprise – oh wait, that was the December 2011 surprise – this was our surprise for Bob & Larry – lol! Anyway, whenever it was, it inspired me to write a real trip report for the most fabulous trip to WDW ever – the “15th Annual Epcot Food and Wine Festival” – from October, 2010.

I’ll probably have some starts and stops and may even go back and edit a published post after checking with Rich to see what he remembers. But so far, I do know that the dates were October 16-22 because Rich checked the All Star receipt. This is what I remember from that first day – I’ll check Rich’s memory later.

Saturday, October 16, 2010, Day 1

Nonstop flights from Las Vegas to Orlando were discontinued so we ended up changing planes in Atlanta – not a fan! Eventually, we arrived in Orlando, rented a car, and drove to the All Star Vacation Homes office to pick up the keys to our reserved pool home. We’d rented from them before and we thought it would be perfect for family to join us – and we were so excited to be living in a Florida pool home again – at least for a week.

It was evening by the time we got the keys and picked up a few items at the nearby Publix. We enjoyed touring the house and arranging it for our needs. We unpacked, ate dinner, soaked in the hot tub, and then went to bed.

We’d invited several members of Rich’s family and my niece but only his brother Bob and his niece Emily would be able to make it. They would arrive over the next couple of days, which meant we’d get our first look at the Food & Wine Festival booths the next morning by ourselves. We could check out our favorites and make recommendations for the others later on.

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