The Napa Rose Lounge

The first time we went to Napa Rose, we had the Chef’s menu with wine pairings. The food was fabulous, the service was fabulous, and the meal was paced to our pace, which lasted about 3 hours.

But since then, we’ve discovered the Napa Rose Lounge, where we can sit more informally, but enjoy the same great food and service. It’s a great mix of casual elegance. We’re so tempted to put in a Lounge in our own home – a nice table with two comfy chairs where we can sit and talk and sip wine and eat a little snack.

For this visit to the Lounge, Rich ordered us each a glass of red wine (don’t ask–I don’t recall) and then ordered one of their famous appetizers for two:

Seven Sparkling Sins – An Array of Tantalizations Featuring Spicy Beef & Peanut Roll, Curried Crab Taco, Seared Ahi Nacho, Shrimp in Cucumber Wrap with Lemon Dill Creme, Citrus Cured Salmon Corn Cake, Tangierine Grilled Scallop and Grape Leaves Stuffed with Pheasant.

We hadn’t tried this before because Rich is allergic to shellfish, but we decided to go ahead and leave the shellfish to me (oh, darn), and he could double up on what he could eat. And it was all pure deliciousness.

We love sharing appetizers, small plates, tapas, etc., and this is one reason we enjoy the tasting booths at Epcot’s Food & Wine Festival – we’ll be there soon – the payoff for staying home most of the summer.

Now, here’s the best part – for dessert and after “dinner” drinks, we always head out to the Napa Rose Lounge fire pit. The servers are always so solicitous about whether we’re okay when there are others already sitting out there. They figure we want to enjoy a quiet, romantic alone-time. But the truth is, we always enjoy the chats around the fire pit with other people – most often our ex San Francisco Bay Area neighbors and we have much in common with plenty to talk about. This time we had a nice chat with a couple and their 2 knowledgeable and interesting adult sons, and after awhile, they headed back to the parks, and gave us some alone-time.

When we first sat down, we ordered drinks – Scotch for Rich (12-year Macallan), and a glass of Disney’s Magicale sparkling wine for me. Usually, it’s too sweet for me, but it seemed perfect as part of my dessset. And also dessert – the yummiest dessert ever:

Tahitian Vanilla Creme Brulee – with Lime Marinated Raspberries and Passion Fruit Sauce

This is just amazing. I don’t think I have the words to truly explain how the bite into the creme brulee explodes in your mouth as it becomes one with the raspberries underneath and then becomes something totally new and different. WOW! I’m craving it right now! How many more weeks until our next trip? Yep, we’ll manage to return sometime before our F&W Festival trip to WDW. I’m feeling much better now! 🙂

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