Food and Wine Festival West: The Plan

We’re packing our flip flops, getting ready for the first of two trips to Disneyland for Disney’s California Food & Wine Festival, held at DCA. Those who’ve followed our Disney blogs for any time know that Epcot’s Food & Wine Festival at Disney World is our favorite time to be at WDW.

So we were thrilled to know that Disneyland also has a Food & Wine Festival – last year was our first attendance and we had a blast. For one thing, schmoozing at the MacMurray Ranch (actor Fred MacMurray’s daughter) Winemaker’s Dinner, we felt like Hollywood royalty as Kate shared stories of her father and Walt Disney and other Hollywood celebrities. We shared a table with a fun couple who were wine lovers and foodies – had their own wine blog – and traveled to the Oregon wine country where we had lived a couple of times briefly. And they introduced us to Kathy – the wine representatative from Gallo, the parent company of MacMurray Ranch Vineyards, who was hosting the event.

The following night we attended a wine tasting party, met a fun-loving ex-CM, Nancy, who hung out with us until we closed the place and then were reunited with Kathy, hugs all around like we were old friends. We introduced Kathy to Nancy and then after closing, we crashed Disneyland Park, while Nancy parted the parade crowd, had fun watching the local dancers for “Date Night at Disneyland.”

Tip: Have learned that drinking copious amounts of wine is the best way to deal with parade crowds. 🙂

The following morning we attended Sweet Sundays, a favorite event of ours at Disney World, but one we did not particularly enjoy at Disneyland – we wouldn’t do this again. But the main reason we booked so many ticketed events last year was that we’d heard the booth tastings weren’t as plentiful at Disneyland – especially last year due to space constraints while one of the venues was being refurbished. This year, however, our favorite event – the evening wine tasting – isn’t offered – and the booth tastings have returned in a new venue and we’re looking forward to trying those.

This is the plan for the first trip to the Food & Wine Festival. On the second round, we have tickets to DCA’s version of WDW’s “Party for the Senses” and we’re really looking forward to that. We haven’t attended “Party for the Senses” – hoping to in our October WDW trip – and it’ll be fun to compare them.

See AllEars for a sneak preview.

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