WDW: Travel Day


The best part about travel day was that we were going to Orlando – wow – for the first time since we moved away. The other good news was that we had all morning to get ready since our flight wasn’t scheduled to leave until 4:00 p.m. And the final good news was that our flight was a non-stop. And we managed to snag the 3-seat row all to ourselves. This was the end of the highlights for travel day.


The day seemed extra long waiting around so long for the flight. As we got ready to depart, we heard some strange noises on the plane and so we just knew when we heard the loudspeaker begin to squak, it wouldn’t be good news. One of the autopilot computers was out and they were skimming the manual to see if there was a workaround. Not exactly confidence-inspiring, but apparently, having 2 out of 3 autopilot computers is good enough so we too off half an hour late. But arrive we did, safe and sound.

Arriving so late was a real downer since we would stay at the Airport Hyatt and not get to check into our Disney resort until the next morning. We had done this before and had a positive experience. But this time, we weren’t so pleased with the Hyatt when, after arriving at midnight, we discovered they gave away our room. We had reserved a deluxe king bed and notified them of our late arrival ahead of time, but that didn’t seem to matter because when we checked in, the only room left was a double room – not our idea of comfort. They reduced the rate and offered a free breakfast, but we wanted the comfortable bed we had reserved for travel day.

Lessons Learned

We had chosen the nonstop flight even though it would arrive late because we thought that was a better choice than changing planes, where even more things can go wrong. But sitting in those super uncomfortable seats for 4 hours straight was a real pain and we’d rather change planes, be able to stretch our legs in-between flights, and arrive at a decent hour. Next time, we’ll choose a different flight plan so we can check in to our WDW resort on travel day, saving more time the next day.

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